Who’s Ready To Get Their SUPER VILLIAN ISLAND ON?!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

Four of Poptropica’s most vile, devious, and good-looking fiends will be returning in Super Villain Island.
What sort of evil schemes are they dreaming of? We’ll have a lot more information about Super Villain Island soon!
In the meantime, Poptropica’s newest Island, Lunar Colony, is available for Members to play! This is one of our favorites, and we hope you call enjoy it as much as we do. If you’re not a Member, you can still play a limited demo. Either way, visit Poptropica now to play!
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I KNEW IT!!! A SUPER VILLIAN ISLAND!!! Okay, so I guessed a slightly different name. Whatever. But this sounds like it’s gonna be SO COOL!!!!! I can allready tell you it’s going to be a favorite of mine. But while we are waiting for the Fall, I have a few questions to ask:
  • What is your reaction to when you meet the Villians *again*? If it’s “But I thought I already defeated you!”, that would be a little, how shall I say, awkward to newcomers to Poptropica or to people who haven’t done the Islands they’re from yet.
  • Why are they coming back?! Don’t they know that everyone stays on their own islands? (except that one part on Counterfeit)
  • I have no more questions.

*Written by Fearless Speck*

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