New School Year

Fearless Speck woke up this morning on Vampire’s Curse Island. That’s okay, ‘cuz she lives there. Well, ever since she got rid of that Count Bram and Christopher the Vampires, anyway. She got up and flipped her calender to the next day. It was one of those daily calenders. She screamed. A while ago, with the Cheap Red Pen she got from Reality T.V. Island, she had written, “Last Day of Summer Vacation!” on today’s date and had circled it. She had totally forgotten about that. Fearless Speck stumbled backwards. “Last.. Day… Of… SUMMER VACATION?!” In a hurry, she rushed to the nearest chain of Super-Markets- The Chomping Teeth Convenience Store. “Velcome!” The clerk said. It was Vampire’s Curse Island, after all. “Outta my way!” Fearless Speck cried, pushing him aside. She scooped up all of her school supplies and bought them. Luckily she had enough credits. She ran back home. “Summer!” Fearless Speck sobbed. “Why did you go away SO FAST! I LOVE YOU!”


Unfortunately, this story is true. School starts tomorrow for me and Bronzey. So I tried to dress the part.Image

Yes. I do wear glasses. I just choose not to wear them unless it’s for school or something. You would know that I wear them if you read that one Daily POP question I answered.

As you may have guessed, there is  a horrifying part to this, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing so much. It is…

Due to the fact that we now have school, we will be too busy, and sometimes we don’t even have time to update the Fact of the Day!!! 😦 It’s horrible! We really do apologise, but some things just have to be done. 😦



*Written by Fearless Speck*


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