Yes, We’re Back And Running!

Sorry about the lack of… everything lately. Since school is now in session, we’re having a hard time working on this. So, let me just do a quick re-cap of what happened last week:

  • The Super Villain Island info guide is now out for everyone to see! According to it, we must go through the dreams of the 4 villains using a Dream Machine to make them un-evil and make their minds nice. Don’t forget to print off the Poster of… The Binary Bard’s Dream?… Possibly? Aside from that, this is the 2nd Island to have the word :Super: in the title.
  • The latest Sneak Peak shows the Magistrate running through a maze. What is he doing back?
  • Lunar Colony comes out for EVERYONE on Thursday!

So check it out!


*Written by Fearless Speck*


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