I Realize I’m Overdue…

So I said that on Saturday, we would start Round 2 of the Villain Showdown. I know I’m late, but hey! I was busy!!!! Not like it matters though because I was the only one who voted. Thank you Speckle. So I guess the winners are…

Dr. Hare!!!!


Captain Crawfish!!!!!


Director D!!!!

Congratulations to the four villains that will move on to the next round!!!!

So your next question….

Dr. Hare…

Or Zeus….

Captain Crawfish…

Or Director D….

Who will be, the ULTIMATE VILLAIN????!!!!!

Sorry to the other villains that were voted off, or didn’t even make it in the first place.

So be sure to vote before Saturday, in honor of SUPER VILLAIN ISLAND!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “I Realize I’m Overdue…

  1. You’re welcome. And, BTW, I was, like, SUPER busy. But I would have voted for Medusa. But now, I guess I’ll go with Zeus and Captain Crawfish.

  2. Poptropicaddict says:

    Director D!!

  3. Bronzey says:

    Did I ever tell you my votes? Guess not, huh. Well I vote (obviously) Dr. Hare. And…. I guess I’m still deciding. Maybe Captain Crawfish. His plans were a lot more thought out than Director D’s. I mean, stealing our hair? Really? Nice plan dude. And Speckle, could you please vote on whether or not you want Director D or Captain Crawfish? Thank you everyone for voting! Check in tomorrow to see who won!

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