Lunar Colony

So I finally got home and went on Lunar Colony. Does it remind anyone else of Astro Knights? Anyway, it’s taking me forever to get past the part where you have to “control your speed and angle”. I got the angle, but not the speed. I tried almost 15 times, but I still can’t do it. But I have to go anyway because I just now remebered I have homework. So that kind of sucks. You may have to wait a little longer for that review. But I can partly tell you the review right now. It’s not one of my favorite islands so far. It kind of annoys me having to re-do everything. Plus, it reminds me a lot of Astro Knights with all the flying around in space and avoiding asteroids. But that’s really all I have for now, so bye!




One thought on “Lunar Colony

  1. You have to hold the mouse down when your half-way there.

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