*shhh, everyone, be quiet!*

Picture the scene:

Me  and a bunch of POPcorn Poptropica daily viewers are hidden behind a couch, the lights turned off, and everyone giggling.

“Hehehe, I hope Bronze Sun come soon!”

“Do you think she like chocolate?”

“Get ready to sing!”

Suddenly, the sound of a key turning echos through the room. “Everyone, be quiet!” I hiss. The door opens, and in walks Bronzey, tired from a long day of school. She flicks on the lights.


Bronzey drops her lightbulb, her mouth wide open. It took a lot of time to plan it, but it was so worth her expression. “What… what is this?!” Bronzey asks, bewildered. I walk up to her and give her a big hug. “You’ve always wanted a Surprise Birthday Party, so here you are!” Bronzey grins. “Awesome! Thank you SO much!” She hugs me again. “What flavor cake?” she asks. I smile at her.
“Chocolate with no frosting. A Bronzey favorite.” I grab her shoulders and steer her away. “You won’t believe what I got you for your birthday…”


*Written by Fearless Speck*

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