Happy Birthday, Poptropica!

While Bronzey’s birthday is gone, you can still celebrate another birthday- Poptropica’s! It’s the same deal as usual you can get the 5th Birthday Balloon for free in the store (or, if you have the Balloon Pack from the store that costs 250 Credits, you can just use that, but I suggest to just ‘buy’ it in the store before they take it away) But, the more exciting part is back, too. In every Common Room, there will be a whole bunch of balloons floating in the air. If you get lucky, you might see a balloon that, instead of just being a solid color like the others, will have a big number “5” on it. Click on it, and the balloon will explode, leaving you with the Limited Edition 5th Birthday Outfit!!!! Now, I got lucky, because I just walked into the room, and there it was, just floating there. So I clicked on it, and got the giant cake costume. Here’s what it looks like:


Snazzy, huh?  While I didn’t get the screen shot of me with the balloon, this is the room I was in. This room is your BEST chance of finding the 5 Balloon. It is almost always in here. If you can find out what Island this Common Room belongs in, go look! I don’t want to give it away by telling you. 🙂

PS: The Free 5th Birthday Balloon is AWESOME!!! It changes color, but I just happened to get a screen shot of the balloon being lilac!

*Written by Fearless Speck*

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