I Messed Up The Last Post, So Ignore It!

I got my information all messed up o the last post, so THIS IS WHAT I MEANT TO POST:

If there’s one thing you should have learned from me by now, it’s that I love birthdays!!! You may have noticed when Bronzey & I first started this blog, which was my on my birthday, on August 8th. (I didn’t want to make any posts on the first day saying that it was my birthday; I didn’t know you yet!) You might have figured it out when I threw Bronzey a surprise online Birthday Party. Or maybe you’re just now figuring that out when I changed the background to the picture of the Birthday Outfit and the Birthday Balloon.(yes, that was me) The point is, I think Birthdays are great. Which is why…

Bronzey and I are throwing a Birthday Bash for Poptropica today!!! At:

 7:00 PM Central Time (example state with this time: Texas, etc)

-5:00 PM Pacific Time (example state with this time: California, etc)

6:00 PM Mountain Time (example state with this time: New Mexico, etc)

 8:00 PM Eastern Time (example state with this time: New York, etc)

At whichever time is yours, (like  6:00 for Mountain Timers,  7:oo for Central Timers, etc) we will announce the Multiverse code in a new post!!! Meet us in that room, and wear your 5th Birthday outfit, if you have one. Consider this a Birthday Present from us!!! See you there!


So, I say again, IGNORE THE LAST POST!!! I tried to fix it the best I could, but THIS POST IS THE ONE YOU MUST LISTEN TOO!! My Bad!


*Written by Fearless Speck*


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