Too Many Menus…

I am sorry to say that I will soon have to get rid of the two menus “Our Favorite Old Creator’s Blog Posts” and “The Poptropioca Villians and Heroes!” We really don’t want to, honestly, but we have more menus in mind, and we don’t have enough room. But, however, we won’t be TOTALLY unfair because…

YOU have a chance to save these two menus!!!! If you really like them, just comment saying you like them, and that you want them to stay, or you can just give this post a 5-Star Rating by clicking on the star to the very right of them all. (look above for the ratings) Or, if you DON’T want them to stay, just give them the lowest rating possible by clicking on the star to the very left of them all (again, look up for the ratings) Or you can comment saying that you don’t like them. Either one will work. Remember, only you can save them, so choose wisely.

*Written by Fearless Speck*

3 thoughts on “Too Many Menus…

  1. graced813 says:

    Hello who is this

  2. Poptropicaddict says:


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