So (pant pant) I finally finished (glugs down water) the guide for (cough cough) Mythology Island!!! (wheezes) I’m just so… so… so… zzz…

Bronzey: WAKE UP!

Huh? Oh, sorry I’ve just been working on the guide LITERALLY ALL DAY. You may be thinking,”All day?! But you have school!!!” True, but I was sick today so I stayed home. So I decided to finish the guide, since I had nothing else to do. But, I guess since I’m sick, I can’t type as fast or something, because it took me… wait for it… 7 hours to write!!! Of coarse, I took occasional breaks to eat soup and lie down, so I guess that narrows it down to 5 1/2 hours. It didn’t even take me this long to write the guide for Astro-Knights!! See what sickness does to you, kids? So, because it took me all day, I really hope you Check out the Mythology Guide!!! Seriously. Please. So that concludes my… my… my… zzz

Bronzey: (sets off fire works)

Agh!! So that concludes my post. Bye!!

*Written by Fearless Speck*



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