Too Much Candy… (In One Day)

So at about 10:00 last night, I finished Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Island. All by myself!! I only looked up how to do it once! ONCE!! That’s a new record for me!! Woo-hoo!! It was really cool, but I’m kinda on sugar rush. Don’t ask- I have NO IDEA how you can get hyper from a candy-based computer game, but I did. I’ve been leaping through the house since 7:50 AM and singing “Augustus Gloop, Augustus Gloop, that great big greedy nincompoop!…” My family probably wants to hit me with sticks.  Oh, well. I don’t even know how I woke up that early. Probably the early sugar effects. Well, I feel another song coming on, so I’ll ttyl! Bye! ❤

(walks away, singing “Chewing, chewing, chewing gum…”)

*Written by Fearless Speck*


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