That’s So Touching!

Look at what the Creators just posted:

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and before the Poptropica Creators
pack it in for a long weekend of food and fun, we wanted to take
a minute to tell the world what we’re thankful for. It’s a long list.
We’re thankful for:

And much more. But most of all, we’re thankful for YOU!
Poptropica would be nothing without the millions of Poptropicans

who log on every month. It would just be a bunch of sad islands full
of woebegone characters with nobody to solve their problems, and
thousands of clothing items never to be costumized. So thank you
 for playing Poptropica, and for giving us the chance to create it for you!
avatar image
Isn’t that just so sweet? I decided that I would make a list of things I’m thankful for too:
  • Speckle for helping me with this blog and being my BFF
  • Poptropica for making this blog what it is right now and just for being awesome
  • for creating this blog for us
  • Super Villain Island for giving us evil villains to base our Evil Files off of and for being my favorite island
  • But most of all…

YOU! Just as the Creators said, this blog would be nothing without fans to read it and view it.

We would be nothing without you! So have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your turkey.

(Just as long as you don’t eat me. My outfit must not be confused with a real turkey.)


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