Ok, so I spent TWENTY MINUTES making a post to fill you in, and when I hit PUBLISH, I looked at the screen, and the whole thing was BLANK!!!! I am so sorry. I guess I’ll have to write it ALL. OVER. AGAIN. Or maybe I’ll just say sorry for being out so long and be done with it. Yeah, that sounds good. Oh, wait one more thing. Their most recent post (maybe it won’t disappear this time):

We bring you tidings of great joy: the release date for Zomberry Island! Early Access to Zomberry Island will be available for Poptropica Members next Wednesday, December 19. It will be open to everybody on January 10, 2013.

Don’t wait until next year to play Zomberry Island. Become a Poptropica Member today, and you’ll be able to play Zomberry Island next week, and get your Zomberry extras right away!


(anyone else find it strange that the Zombie Apocalypse happens two days before the world’s supposed to end…?)

Sorry for the mishap,

Yours Truly,




P.S. If you see the post that says, “I’m Back”, that’s the post that disappeared, so pay no attention to  it.

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