Happy New Year!!

I know I’m kinda a day late but I was at a friend’s house, so cut me some slack. We started this blog in 2012 and so much has changed since then. We’ve kind of grown away from it… Speckle even temporarily left the blog (maybe permanantely, I don’t know) I’ve been really busy lately and I’m really sorry, but a new year means change. And I hope that’s for the better. I’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to keep up with Poptropica more this year. I’m gonna really try to post at least once a day and work more on the Island Guides. I might skip around though ’cause there were some that Speckle was supposed to do and I’m gonna kinda wait on her for that. I’m really close to being done with Skullduggery and then I’m gonna go to Great Pumpkin. It might take a while but I’ll do my best. I’m also gonna finish The Fatal Accident. And I’ll try and keep you updated. There’s just one thing stopping me…

My Membership expires tomorrow!!!! So I can’t play the new islands as they come out and keep you updated on them. I’m gonna try and get more Membership soon, but until then, Goodbye Membership!!! I’ll miss you!!!

With that being said, Good Night.


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