Zomberry Island

Sorry I didn’t post for the last two days, even though I promised I would, but there was nothing really to post about. Just that Zomberry Island is out on Thursday. But I’ll show you the post anyway:


Zomberry Island is our 32nd Island, and it’s going to be

available for everyone to play next Thursday. You know

that you can see how many Islands you’ve completed by

looking at your own friends profile, and you know that

you can see how many Islands all of your friends have completed.

So will you nab 32 medallions to kick off 2013? You’re not

going to let your friends show you up, are you? Get out there

and show them how it’s done!

avatar image


So see if you can get “32 for 13”. Comment on this post with your username when you finish the island (don’t worry, your username won’t be posted) and I’m going to make the Top Ten Finishers of The POPcorn Poptropica, once I get ten finishers. So don’t forget to comment, and maybe you will posted! If you’re a member and you already finished the island, be sure to comment that on the day the island comes out and tell me that you’re a member so I can make two seperate Top Five list for Members and Non-Members, that way it’ll be fair. Have fun kicking some Zomberry butt!!!





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