Time To Catch Up!

I’ve come up with a new page called “What’s New” for if you’ve missed a lot, and don’t have time to catch up. Maybe schoolwork kept you busy and it’s been a week since you last went on Poptropica, but you have limited computer time, and you don’t feel like scrolling through a ton of posts, just to catch up. Look at the What’s New page! Everything within the past week will be on there, but summed up, and without the extra details, so you don’t spend all your time catching up, instead of actually playing Poptropica. Of course, we’ll still be posting everything new for those people that check daily, and do have time. Well… you get what I’m saying, right? Kay, so enjoy!!!

Wait one more thing:

No one has commented saying they finished Zomberry Island yet. So I’m assuming no one has. Don’t forget to comment when you’re done so you can be posted here!!


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