Exciting News!!!

So first, the not so exciting news, but still nonetheless, exciting, we got a new mouse tonight, so I can post tomorrow and type up the Evil Files. Not a big deal, but still pretty good. The next news, really awesome, I GOT A POPTROPICA DR. HARE DOLL!!!!! And guess what????!!! I get to customize Dr. Hare!!!!! Check it out…

Dr. Hare OMG


OMG!!!! I so would’ve gotten Speckle one, but they only had one at the store… So anyways…

OOOh wait one more thing… New Post


Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and we want to

make sure that everyone can share the love. We’re
featuring some classic heart-themed items in the
Poptropica Store.
The Big Hearted Costume lets you wear your heart
on your sleeve — and your shirt, and your pants, and
everywhere else. The Love Potion will cast a spell on
anyone you desire.
Visit the Poptropica Store and check ’em out!
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