Happy Anniversary! (and Happy Half-B-day Speckle)

So since it’s Speckle’s half-birthday, that means it’s also our 6 month anniversary!!!! We started this blog 6 months ago, and look how far we’ve gotten!! I’m so excited and I can’t wait until we celebrate one year together!!! So, as a gift to you, I’m going to… uh… hmmm… I guess I’ll type up a story about Valentine’s Day and post it as soon as I get done!!! (Which WILL be soon;) It will be about an evil villain trying to ruin Valentine’s Day for everyone but then someone saves the day and, well, you’ll see…

But of course I can’t make any promises as to when it comes out, because my cat chewed through the wires for the computer mouse and right now I’m borrowing my sister’s laptop, which, trust me, won’t happen often because she NEVER lets me use this thing. Anywho, my mom is going to hopefully get a new mouse this weekend and I’ll type it up as soon as I can…Hopefully by Valentine’s Day;) So see ya later!!




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