Summary Time!

So I came up with the idea for “The Valentine’s Day Parade”. You can check out the brief summary on the Evil Files page. But here’s a more detailed summary:

Silver Comet was just your average teenage girl. 15 years old and all she could think about was boys, boys, boys. But one boy in particular. Tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and she had to “woo” him. And she knew just how to do that. She would dress up really pretty and curl her hair and be all flirty with him. But boy was she in for a surprise when she found out the love of her life, had turned evil. And she had to save him. Will she succeed? Will they end up together? Find out in Bronze Sun’s “The Valentine’s Day Parade”.


Cool right? It’s sounds so official doesn’t it? Well check it out! It’ll be uploaded by Saturday at the latest, but hopefully Thursday or Friday. Byeeeee!!!!






P.S. Silver Comet’s name might change. Just to let you know.

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