Wow… This is Going to be a Long Post…

Heeeeey, Speckle here. So this is a post about all that you’ve missed. Sit back and read.

But before I begin, I just want to say that I’m not going to include some Creator’s blog posts that they just posted for fun, since it’s already going to be such a long post. Okay, I’m starting:

1) Okay, so basically, Night Watch is available to all this Thursday. So members, get your Cat Burglar costume before then!!!!!

2) Congrats to these Poptropicans for being the first 10 finishers of Night Watch!!! How you do it, I’ll never know… It’s one of the world’s greatest mystery, right along with how many licks it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop…

1. Comical Thunder
of the Nightcrawlers
2. Dangerous Popper
of the Seraphim
3. Brave Eye
of the Nightcrawlers
4. Trusty Penguin
of the Wildfire
5. Wild Dolphin
of the Wildfire
6. Young Cheetah
of the Wildfire
7. Comical Bubbles
of the Nanobots
8. Wild Shark
of the Pathfinders
9. Messy Eagle
of the Seraphim
10. Prickly Shadow
of the Nanobots
I swear, the top finishers always have the weirdest costumes… And the top finisher is a fellow Nightcrawler!!! I’m so proud of you! Anyway, the Binary Bard has a message for you:
It means: shop’t.     ?
3) Night Watch is the 33rd Island!!! OMG!!! I’ve been on Poptropica since the 11th!! (Reality T.V.) I’ve been through 22 Islands on Poptropica!!!!! *sniffs* It’s grown so much…
4) If you type in the code:  DRHARE2500  on Poptropica, you’ll unlock this:
I bet Louis Tomlinson would LOVE that outfit. 😀  It’s in celebration of that project.
5) Dr. Hare got a new background…
Go to the Creator’s Blog, find the post with this, and get the background,
6) Apparently, you can customize all of the maniquens on Night Watch. AND you can get your face on a magazine, like so:
Who WOULDN’T want to look at my face?!?! *crickets chirp* …I hate you.
7)  So the Creators have been posting pictures for an upcoming island:
(I would post screenshots of Daily POP’s, but I’m not sure how to do that, ‘cuz I just got a new computer, and I don’t know how it works yet.) So… what have we got here? (Gosh, that sounds creepy… :/  ) The first two look like a happy scene, and the last one is a director… Hmmm…
So, that’s a wrap!! I know it’s long, but I had so much to cover.
So. all’s been said  so… INBETWEENERS DANCE, GO!
*Written by Fearless Speck*

5 thoughts on “Wow… This is Going to be a Long Post…

  1. Bronzey says:

    You got a new computer?! When? What does it look like, tell me EVERYTHING!!!

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