Missed You Guys, and Lots of Updates!!

I cannot appologize enough. What with end-of-the-year testing, and advanced classes, we have had absoulutly NO time to blog. In fact, I’ve barely started Back Lot! :O So this post is just going to catch you up on everything! Once again, I am SO sorry! 😦

1. Back Lot Island is out for members AND non-members. Light, camera, action!

2. Hope you didn’t miss Earth Day on April 22! (Unfortunalty, I did.) Don’t forget to play that Don’t Be An Energy Hog game!

3. Dr. Hare is offering a unique desktop background if we reach 6,000 supporters for the Legos! GO SUPPORT POPTROPICA!! The link is in The Creator’s Blog. (http://blog.poptropica.com/)

4. The Creators recently found a list they wrote in 2007, listing things such as “Ringmaster”, “Clowns”, “Ringmaster has cursed/enslaved zombie carnival workers”, “Horror-theme park infiltrated by zombies”, and “The ringmaster has lost a prized posession and is withdrawn, moody. Prized possesion is bullhorn.” Captain Crawfish says, and I quote, “This is probably from late 2007 or 2008, right after Poptropica got started. As we developed it a little more, the “Haunted Amusement Park” took on a slightly different form (and name), but it didn’t end up becoming a real Island.You never know, I guess.” I don’t know if you guys remember this, but around that time, they were going to make an Island called… wait for it… Monster Carnival Island. They had everything ready- they had a preview picture of the Island on the map, and everyone was really excited for it. I mean, who wouldn’t be? It sounds really awesome! But then, one day, it totally dissapeared off the map, and the Creators never spoke of it. Some people think it was because of the leaked costumes. But, nevertheless, it’s still one of Poptropica’s greatest mysteries. Anyway, Captain Crawfish says,”…as we developed it a little more, the “Haunted Amusement Park” took on a slightly different form (and name)…” Well, form could be like how he says the Ringmaster lost his bullhorn. That sounds like nothing to do with the rest of the Island. Or maybe that’s WHY he has zombie workers. Maybe he got angry and made zombies. I don’t know. As for different name, it’s kinda obvious. It WAS Haunted Amusement Park, but it changed to Monster Carnival. Anyway… Over the past year, the Creators have been giving out clues… For one, remember that Poptropica Friends video? The example username was “MonsterCarnival2012”. My guess is that the Creators were PLANNING to ACTUALLY release it last year, they just had to many Island to create. But now… Now that they release that list, and by the wasy that Captain Crawfish says, “…but it didn’t end up becoming a real Island. You never know, I guess.” make me wonder… Are they ACTUALLY going to release Monster Carnival? I hope so. It seems very likely.

5. Sorry for rambling on the last one.

6. On August 1, the Creators are releasing another book, this one called, “Island Creator Kit”. The Black Widow says, “…is your step-by-step guide to making a Poptropica Island to call your own. From coming up with a storyline to designing scenes, you’ll be able to make an adventure like no other in the history of Poptropica.” Okay, that sounds REALLY cool. I can’t wait!

And that’s a rap-up!! Again. so sorry for not updating!!! 😦

*Written by Fearless Speck*


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