24 Carrot Guide

When you land on 24 Carrot Island talk to the mayor first. He’ll tell you about the missing carrots. Then head into the Carrot King Diner. Talk to the lady inside the diner. Then look at the “Missing” photos on the wall. you might see their faces soon. (hint, hint) Then walk out of the diner and to your left to the Carrot Farm. Talk the farmer. Walk to the abandoned looking house. You’ll see that you can’t get in through the front door so you’ll need to use the windows to climb to the top and go down through the chimney. When you’re inside, go right and you’ll find an empty bowl. Then keep going right and climb up the boxes and up the light thing and then jump off at the second floor. Then go left and into the bathroom. Click on the red knob in the bathtub and a cat will jump out. Follow it around until the thought occurs to you to come back later. So leave the Carrot Farm and walk back inside the diner. Ask the lady to fill your bowl with milk. Then take the filled milk bowl and bring it back to the abandoned house. The milk will automatically set itself down. Find the cat and chase her downstairs. She’ll drink the milk and follow you around. Walk into Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co. Talk to the lady and she’ll say she’s missing her cat. Tell her you’ve found it and she’ll give you a crowbar. Go right, to the Factory and jump on top of everything to get to the other side and pick up the blue paper on top  of the window. It’s a blueprint! Jump down to your right. Land on the middle barrel with the skull on it and use the crowbar to open the entrance. Run all the way to the left. (Be sure to pick up the carrot transporter.) Go up. Wait until the first platform is up and then run all the way across. Don’t get angry if you don’t get it at first. Just try again! Then wait until the first platform is up and then run all the way across. Don’t get upset if you don’t get it at first. Just try again! Then go up. Wait until the rat is on the other side. Then go left and then up and then down and then left and then up. You’ll be in a room next to the Master Engine. Move the first knob to the middle, the second knob to the bottom, and the third knob to the middle. Like the shape of a bunny head.

The lights will turn on. Go up and find the claw. Jump on and wait until it takes you to the right. Then jump off and crawl through the vent. Go right and then down and right and down. And then right and then up. You’ll find yourself in the Printer Room. Get through the falling crates and find the person in Rabbot ears. Talk to her and she will show you the system password. Then exit the room. Then go left, up, left, down, left, up, left, and keep going left until you can’t anymore, then go down, left, up, left, down, right, and find the bolt cutters. Then go down and then right and into the vent. A robot will catch you and take you to the Feezer Room. Cut all the wires and the security will be disabled. Then get out and go left, up, right, up, left (all the way), up, left, up, left (all the way), down, left, up, left, down, right, then enter the room. Talk to the two people in the room and then go to the Authorized Bunny Drones room. Go down, then right, (careful!), then up and pick up the bunny ears. Then Find Dr. Hare, then go up and talk to another “bunny” and then start the launch sequence. The password is fuzzybunny.

The commad is launch rabbot. Then keep steering Dr. Hare towardsrocks until he falls out of his rocket ship. Then leave the vents. Go talk to the mayor and he will give you a medallion! You have completed the island!

*Written by Bronze Sun*


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