About the Poptropican Villians and Heroes

Did you meet a new major character, but you don’t understand much about them? This will help you understand each one that the Poptropican Creators made up, not us.

The Binary Bard:

Island: Astro-Knights

Gender: Male

Creator: Yes

Occupation: Villian

What they did: The Binary Bard captured the Princess, and to stop you from finding her, he sends 3 monsters against you: the Tigercopter. the Mechanical Dragon, and the Phoenix.

Other: Aside from being a Creator, the Binary Bard has won the “Favorite Villian” contest 2 times. He tends to brag about it.

Creator’s Blog Picture: avatar image

Full Picture:

Caption:         See? What did I tell you?

The Black Widow:

Island: Counterfeit Island

Gender: Female

Creator: Yes

Occupation: Villian

What They Did: The Black Widow set up 2 Poptropicans (includind you) to steal/protect The Scream. She stole even more art, too. But you defeat her in the last Battle when she throws art at you.

Other: The Black Widow really is just blogging on the Creator’s Blog these days. (for now, until all of those Villians are coming back again)

Creater’s Blog Picture:avatar image

Full Picture:

Caption: She’s back for more… art?


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