Astro Knights Guide- Part 1

Note- since this guide is so long, it will be split into 2 parts and written in bold so it’s easier to see. Also: If you don’t like this guide, then just use the Free In-Game Guide they sell on Maine Street. 🙂

Phew! This guide’s gonna be long! So, when you land on Maine Street, you will immediately see that this island is different from all of the others. It appears to be set in the Middle Ages time period, but it looks like it has been attacked. Walk to the fountain on your right. See that shiny thing in it? Pick it up. It’s a coin! You’ll need this later, but for now, head to your right. If you talk to people, they will talk to you about the Invaders from the Sky. Straaaaaange… Now head to that castle, and go inside. First, go to your room on the left. There will be the lady-in-waiting. She’ll tell you that she fears that she played a part in the Princess’s kidnapping. Before you leave, be sure to grab the letter sitting on the chest. Make a note of that mouse that won’t let you catch itself.

The letter is on the chest I am standing on

Now, exit, and go to the room on your right. It’s a library. Walk to the end of the bottom level and pick up the purple book that sticks out from the others because it looks darker. Now jump up, and pick up the book that is shining in the Bookcase. Leave the room, and go up the flight of stairs. Go into the room. You will meet the King and Queen. They will tell you that not only has the Princess been kidnapped, but 3 knights went out to look for her, and they haven’t heard from them since. The King won’t physically give you anything but information, but the Queen will give you Coordinates that the Knights left her. You will need these later. Now leave the Castle and go to your right. Get the Free Bag of Manure. Go more to your right, and pick up the Coil of Rope. Go inside the Ye Olde Rumor Mill. The people inside of there will tell you nothing but rumors. Go up and talk to this girl:

She’s the one wearing black.

She’ll want to know something, and so give her the note from the Lady-in-Waiting’s room. She’ll say, “I see you are a member of the Order,” and give a slip of paper with some pictures on it. Now, go back to the Castle, but don’t go inside. Jump on the top where the Crossbow is. Put the rope on it. Shoot the crossbow unto the Princess’s Room (upper left) and walk up the room to get to it. Go inside. Find another note to your left. It says that a man named Mordred left some notes under his bed. Head all the way back to Maine Street. Go inside Mordred’s Museum and pay with your Gold Coin. Click on the books, and the man will tell you that you can’t touch the books, but he can give you a Library Slip. Go upstairs and click under Mordred’s bed. You will get a paper. Read it to the end, and it will tell you the Coordinates you need to get to the Moon. Keep this in mind. Leave the room, and look at the fountain. Click on the pictures, and enter the pictures that the girl gave you. Don’t forget to  click on the Sun picture at the end! Go inside, and you’ll see people with purple robes and Star necklaces. Talk to the boy at the end, and he’ll give you a Key. Climb up the rope, and go back to the Library at the Castle Click on the crumpled piece of paper on the bottom level. A secret passageway will open up! Go down in it, and pick up the Moldy Cheese. Ick. But you’ll also see an Imprisoned Alien! Go back up, and the Librarian will yell at you. Now exit and go down to the Lady-in-Waiting’s room. Set down the cheese, and you’ll capture the mouse! Exit the castle and go back to the street with the Mill, but don’t go in ti. Push those hay aside, and there will be a door! Use the key to unlock it, and go inside. Click on the owl, and he will fly out. Follow the owl, and release the Mouse. The owl will become your friend. Go back underground, and pick up the Book on the chair. Push through the wall until it breaks, then go through the hole. Surprise! You’re back in the Dungeon! But this time, you’re on the other side of the bars! The alian will totally freak and explode, dropping a Green Liquid Thing. Click on Merlon (the owl) and click on the tube. Merlon will pick it up for you! Now leave the Hideout and go back into the Mill. Climb all of the way up and pull on the rope. Now leave the building and jump on top of it. Keep jumping on the windmills that appear on your left (nooot right) Continue doing this  until the top opens. Jump inside, and you find a space ship! Power it with the manure. It will fly out, so follow it! It will have landed in the Mud. Jump on it, and move your cursor to the right. Go all the way until you come across a sunk spaceship. Click on it, and move the new green tube into the old tube. It will light up. Enter the coordinates 56,52 and it will blast off into space…





*Written by Fearless Speck*



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