Big Nate Guide

When you first land on Big Nate, you’ll automatically talk to Nate. He’ll tell you about the time capsule. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to find where the time capsule is buried. Go into the Pop-in Shoppe and go to the third floor and get the scrap of paper laying on the couch.  You’ll need that later. Then leave the Pop-in Shoppe and go into Klassic Comix. Talk to the man on your right. He’ll tell you he’s missing a comic, and all he has is the title piece. Remember the scrap of paper you found, well your going to need more to complete the comic. The second piece is on top of the oange power line next to the Photo Studio. Go inside the Photo Studio and get the scrap on top of the big light on your right. Notice how Big Nate is “casually” following you around. Just saying. Next go right and leave the Business District and go to the School District. The fourth scrap is on top of the tall brown construction thing. Then go inside of the school and up the stairs on the right. The fifth scrap is on top of the speaker. Go into the Science Lab and go to your left. The sixth scrap is on one of the planets. Then go right and click on the beaker. Fill it halfway full with blue. Then fill the rest with yellow, then add a drop of red, and another drop of blue. Turn it on to 4 and you have a stink bomb! Exit the school and go right to the playground. Go up to the Kids Only playhouse. Click on Hangman and guess the word right and he’ll give you stale peanut butter crackers. You can try playing Table Football but that’s not necessary. Leave the treehouse and go to the top of the rock climbing wall and you’ll see a pice of paper floating arond That”s the seventh scrap. Jump up and get that. Then go down and to your right. Keep going right and go to the top of the lighthouse and there’s your last piece of the comic! Then jump down and you’ll find anold photograph. Go back to the Business District. Go back to the Klassic Komix and assemble the comic. You’ll notice that it says the locker combo is 9,3,0,5. Give the comic to the man and he’ll let you keep it and give you some stale gum. Go into the Photo Studio. Trade the old photograph for the scuba gear. Then go into the school and use the locker combo to find a bueprint of the school. Then chew gum to get you into Detention. Put ut the stink bomb and the teacher will leave. Go down the file cabinets. Flip the light switch. Get the bell clapper that is hanging from ceiling. Then go back to the light house and use the scuba gear to go underwater and get a crab. Give it to the man who is missing his crab. He’ll give you the crab and keys to his jet ski as a token of thanks. Go to the top of the lghthouse and use the crab to change the light to turn the opposite direction. Go to the School bell and use the clapper to ring the bell. Go back to Puffin Point and use the telescope to see a map in the distance. Use the jet ski keys to ride over there, but you’ll have to beat Big Nate there. Stay ahead and avoid obstacles. Once you get there, push the seals to the left of the rock and get the map from under the rock. Go back to the playground. Now that you know where to dig, stand a little to the right of the spot, but turn to your left, and use the peanut butter crackers. The dog will dig them up and you found the time capsule! Big Nate will get credit, but you’ll get the medallion anyway!




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  1. The pictures are so much clearer on an iPhone…

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