Counterfeit Guide

Land on Maine Street, and you’ll quickly find that everyone here is art-crazed. But mostly, they’re talking about how someone is going to steal the famous painting, The Scream. How they know this, I don’t know, but they just know. Talk to the woman with the black hair standing outside of the Mueseum Fantastique. She’ll tell you that she’s convinced somebody will steal the painting.  She won’t let you help though. So move on. Jump on top of the building and collect the Piece of Paper.

It’s at the very top of the building

Now jump off the building (okay, NEVER do that in real life) and go to your right. Go inside the Internet Cafe and get the Loose Slip of Paper from the French-English Dictionary sitting on the Table. The man with the Orange Beard won’t talk to you because he’s too busy beating his high-score. Well. You can play this game,too, if you want.  Now exit the Building and hop around on the roof until you find the Sheet of Paper.

It’s above the Artist with the Paintings

Jump down and, if you want, make your own painting with the Artist. You can actually print it off on your computer!

Advertising? Whatever do you mean?

So, once you make a really-cool painting to hang up in your room, head to your right Down-Town. Walk inside BoBo’s Clown Store and pick up a Green Balloon. Go out, and run down the street ’till you find 2 trash cans. Click on the one with no lid. Rummage through it until you find tickets. Run all the way to the Countryside. Give your  balloon to the crying boy and he’ll float in the air!

The start of Balloon Boy…  Now run all the way back to the Internet Cafe and go inside . Give the tickets to the man who has finally stopped playing, and he will give you one, too. Now go back to Down- Town and take the tour. Look out for the Piece of Paper:

Finish it, and you’ll meet a Man who wants you to get a job at the museum and protect The Scream tonight! You’ll accept, of course. Run to your left, and pick up the Torn Paper on the boat:

And now pick up Torn Picture on that rock: So go to the Mueseum and apply for the job. You will need to do a simple test: some paintings have been put in the wrong spots. Put them back together. Once you do this, talk to the Assistant Curator. You will get the job, but you have to pass a few tests. He will give you a Key. Go past the statue room, and open the Door to the key. Get the paper.Go back downstairs and leave. It’ll be Nighttime. Head back to where you first met the man, and go up the entrance. Keep going until you see the Broken Later. Go up it, and match the picture to the ones on the paper. It will open up. You will be at the Supply Room! Make your way to The Scream, but watch out for security! When you get there, you’ll hang on top of it, bu then you’ll get caught! The next morning, you’ll have to pass a Lie Detector. You will have to meet The Investigator at the Security Office. So now go to BoBo’s Clown Store. Talk to the Security Guard, and he will give you his Time Card. Now go to the Security Card. Use the Time Card that shows what time the Security Guard stepped out. You will see that the Man who made you get the Job stole The Scream! Print the screen. (no, not in real life. On your Poptropica screen.) The Investigator will tell you to show it around to people around the Island. The only people who know are the Mimes. Show the Mimes outside the Clown Store the picture, and they will motion that they are playing an interment! Go to the All That Jazz Cafe right next door. The Man will be there! You will talk to him, and he’ll take off in a mini-car thingy. But don’t worry! You have one too! Once you get to the end, The Man will jump into the boat.

Eh. I give the whole preformance 4.

But he left a card with a picture of a Spider… So run back inside the Museum. You will have a package. If you can decode it, it says “Meet me at the Museum on Early Poptropica Island. Tell No one. You are being watched. -The Curator” So send your blimp to Early Poptropica Island. Go to the POP Art Museum. Talk to the woman in purple, and she will give you a Key. Go back to Counterfeit Island, and go to the Country Side. On your way, the man selling paintings will tell you that the Investigator bought a painting with no frame. Use your key to get into the house. Go inside and go upstairs. Click on the painting. It was covering The Scream! Now you will be knocked out. You will wake up Somewhere Deep Underground. You and the Man will be tied up. You will also find ou that the Black Widow is the Investigator!Once she’s gone, the Man will tell you to scoot your chair over so he can untie it. If you can, he will free you and himself. Run to the next room. To get to the top, you have to watch out for guards! Once you get past them, you’ll be in a room with the Black Widow. The Man will jump on a lever and ask for you to push him up. The Black Widow, in order to not let him get to her, will through down paintings. You can’t let more than a million dollars of it fall. Every 4 pieces of art, the Black Widow will get angry. That gives you some time to push the Man up.

What is it with Poptropicans and “Bwahahahaha!”?

Keep doing this ’till he gets to her and knocks her down. Go up, and you will be in the Internet Cafe. The Curator will tell you to meet her in the Museum. When you get there, go to the room on your right. The Curator will show you where she keeps all of her special paintings. Then you will get the Island Medallion and 50 credits. Awesome!

*Written by Fearless Speck*


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