Early Poptropica Guide

Heeeeey.  Fearless Speck, at your service, writing a guide for Early Poptropica Island. Again, I do not own Poptropica or any of its Islands. So, when you arrive at

Early Poptropica Isalnd, there’ll be a bunch of friendly folks telling you about this island. So, too start with, keep heading alllllll the way to your right until you get to the

town with the digital peeps. Talk to all of them to find out more about the island, but you only need to talk to the dude with the pig pen, the guy near the well, and the man

on top of the tower. Now you see that well? Go down it. It’s a little like a maze, with sliding brown sticks. Talk to the boy with the bathing suit and innertube and he’ll say

something like, “Glow sticks are the coolest! Theres’ one over there!” So, jump up to your left to the veeery top left and pick up the glowing green thing. Cool.

So, navigate your way out and had back to where you first came from and find the manhole. Jump into it, and…well…watch out for spiders. Once you (finally) get to the

bottom, run over and get the pig. Piggy? No match for us! So, head to you left and you would be in a room with darkness… if you didn’t have you handy glowstick! So, go

exactly this way: when you enter, run left until the first rope; go up it and go right. Run to the nearest wall; there should be a rope right there.  Go up, go left, go up, go

right. There! a Golden Egg! So, once you’ve got that,  go right to the second rope, and go up, left, up, left, right,  and up. Phew. Now,  you should be near some dude with a

skateboard.  Jump on the two clothes lines, land on the brown building,  land on the silver statue, and jump your way to the Rooftop Garden. Go up.  Talk to the purple

giant, and he’ll be all happy and stuf, and he’ll let you in. Jump your way all the way to the end of the garden. There’s a bucket. Go farther anto the crashed airjets and jump

to the end to get the jetpack. Coolios! Now, go back to the garden and find the exit. Hint: It’s under the vine thing. So, when you land, you’ll be on top of the Watertower

where the flag is. Get it.  Now, go back to the pixeled Poptropicans, and give back the Pig, Bucket, and Flag to the people you talked to. Now, fly run to the right and talk toOink.

the guy on the ship. He’ll be so grateful he’ll give you a medalion for the Island. So, that concludes the first Island guide! Be expected to have more come your way!

*Written by Fearless Speck*


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  1. Sorry about the weird spacing! It messed up!

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