Kronos’ Revenge

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Why is it always the villains? That was all the Kronos could think, while he was tied up in the Underworld.  He was so bad, the Gods themselves had sent him down here for: swallowing his kids, attacking his father, going against the Gods in war, and so on. Kronos looked around at his other Poptropican Titans. He could have had it worse, he supposed, for he was just the no-blood-in-war Poptropican version of the real Titans. He didn’t want to know what happened in the real world. Kronos longed to escape this murky Underworld, to be free!; to rule Poptropica once more! But sadly, even Kronos couldn’t do this. Not even when he was in power that first time so long ago. Only the Creators controlled every little thing that happened in Poptropica. But, sadly for him and his brethren, the Creators had long since forgotten about them. They would never escape. Or could they? Kronos peered out of the turned-off computer screen. Slowly, he turned it on and mumbled the magic spell to let objects go though other objects, and his arm reached through the screen and touched the keyboard. He typed in, “multiverse for villains”, hit the enter key, and suddenly, he and all of the villains ever sketched, created, or anything else appeared in the multiverse room. Kronos through his head back and cackled.

“It feels so good to move of own free will!”

The villains that were real and that Kronos once envied so much just stared. But one character, who had a long beard, a circus hat, and a hula hoop, who could only had been sketched for the lost island Monster Carnival Island, nodded.

“I know exactly what you mean,”

Kronos asked, “Say, what’s you name?”

“Bellbottom.” he replied. “Bellbotom Geanes. With a ‘G’.”

Kronos just stared. It took all of his willpower not to laugh. Bellbottom frowned. “What?! It’s French! Now what’s yours?”

Kronos replied, “Kronos.”

Bellbottom smiled. “I see we have a Greek here, huh? I could have guessed with the sword and cape. So, why’d you summon us here, huh?”

Kronos slowly smiled, a cruel, evil smile, and said,

“To plot revenge, on anyone we’ve ever wanted!” The other forgotten villains all cheered, but the Black Widow just shrugged.

“Alright, Mr. SmartyPants, and how will we do this? The Creators control our every moves, doncha know?”

Kronos turned to his sister, Phoboe. “Explain, please,”

Phoboe shrugged. “It’s quite simple, actually. Just do the “control” spell, and you have complete control over you and everybody else! But only one person can do it at a time.”

Kronos grinned. He knew that spell. He knew what to do.

“Alright!” Kronos said “I’ll do the spell, since I got us all here, alright?”

No body complained. Kronos murmured the spell, and felt a feeling he had never felt before: movement.

“Alright, you people!” Kronos yelled. “I’ll go get my revenge!”

“But what about us?” Bellebotom asked.

Kronos whipped around and laughed. “I have control over you now! YOU guys will go back to where you always were!”

“NOOO!” the other Titans all cried.

Kronos just laughed, and with a flick of his wrist, everyone disappeared back to their original places.

“Now for revenge on the entire Mythology Island!!!”

Kronos snapped his fingers, and he was transported to Zeus’ throne room.

Zeus looked up, said “Who dares-KRONOS?! You should be in the UNDERWORLD!”

Kronos laughed. “Not anymore!” Kronos thrust out his hand, and the room turned into a battlefield. All of the other Gods and Goddesses appeared in the throne room.

“How does he control himself on his own?” Aphrodite asked Athena.

“The question is, how do we control ourself on our own!” Artemis said.

Athena told them,” He used the “control” spell!  He is literally making us fight!”

Artemis looked at them, a determinate twinkle in her eyes, “You don’t have to tell me twice to get into a fight!”

Aphrodite laughed. “I suppose I have to join too, don’t I?”

Athena and Artemis nodded.

“Then let’s go!” The three Goddesses ran into the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Kronos was throwing swords, knives, daggers, and everything you could use as a weapon. No one was falling in battle. Suddenly, Athena got an idea. As soon as she got eye contact with him, she thrust her hand out and shouted the spell for “overpower”.

“NOOOO!” Kronos shouted. He stumbled and fell.

Artemis materialized next to him and shot an Arrow of  Location at him, mumbling where she wanted him to go. Her Location arrows would take him there.

“Bye-bye, bad guy!” Aphrodite said, waving her hand.

Back in the Underworld, Kronos found all of his siblings They looked at him. “Kronos,” Phoboe said, walking towards him, “you’re in a loooot of trouble…”

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*Written by Fearless Speck*


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  1. Poptropicaddict says:

    There’s a lot of mistakes in this Evil File

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