Lancar’s Tale

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Boom!!!!!! The spaceship landed.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!”, came the screams of terrified people, “Not again!”

“Give us Earth and no one gets hurt!!!!!!!”, says Lancar.”

“Sorry! I don’t have Earth.” Was the brave voice of 13 year-old Red Snowball. She walked up in her black skull shirt and her green skinny jeans, chestnut hair pulled back in a braid. To most people, she wasn’t afraid of anything. But that was after her brother and father had been abducted by Lancar and his fellow Zorkens. She had defeated him once, and she would do it again. Unfortunately it had been too late for her father and brother. They were already gone.

“Honey!!! Don’t!”, said Red’s mother.

“Oh, is this your mother?” Lancar asked. He held up his gun.


Too late. ZAP! Everyone ran, screaming.

“Now I have  all of your family.” He said smiling.

Red was angry now,”How dare you?! What exactly happened when I sent you to live on Jupiter? How did you escape?”

“Well that’s easy, I used my spaceship!”

“That’s impossible! I destroyed your spaceship!”

“Every good alien has an emergency spaceship! And every good alien is only defeated once!!!!!!!!”

Zap! Zap! Zap! Red looked around and noticed how everyone she knew were being zapped into dust. One, by one, everyone disappeared until she was the only one left. She glared at Lancar.

“And now it’s just you! But I think I’ll wait and preform some tests on you first!” He cackled.

Red was filled with rage. Everyone she knew, gone, just like that. She just stared, until her eyes drifted back up to Lancar.

“Bye!” He zapped her.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

She woke up in a white room with lots of beds. It looked like a hospital, except there was no one there to cure her, to make all her pain go away. In fact, there was no one there at all. A thought occurred to her. There was no one there, she could escape. But why wouldn’t there be anyone there? She thought.

She stood up and looked around. She saw the laser guns they always used. She ran over and grabbed one just as she heard, “Well, well, looks like someone got out of their bed.”

Red spun around and saw Lancar standing there with a bunch of high tech equipment. She held up her gun,”Release me!”

Lancar held up his gun,”Never.” He shot but she ducked, then shot. The laser just went right through him.

“Silly girl, those lasers don’t hurt us.”

“Oh yeah, but this will!” She picked up a piece of equipment that looked painful. “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” She charged at him. She hit him and he exploded.

“I don’t think your little spaceship will help you now, Lancar.”

She ran out of the room, stabbing anybody she saw that looked threatening.

Then Red ran into another room that said “Prisoners”. She sped through, sweat dripping down her face.

“RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She heard. She looked up and gasped! It was her brother and father!!!!!!!!!!! They were sitting inside a jail cell. She dropped her gun.

“Zany! Dad! I didn’t know you were alive!”

“We are,” was her brother’s response,”Now can you get us out of here!”

“Of course!” She looked around and found the keys. “Okay.” She took them down and tried them. “Got it!” The door opened and the family embraced each other! But not for long! ZAP!!!! They all ducked.

“I got this Dad!” She used her weapon and the alien exploded. she picked up his gun and flipped it. “We got to get outta here!”

“Red! I do not approve of you exploding aliens into dust!” said her father.

“Oh Dad. It’s good to have you back!”

They sped through the hallways until they came to a spaceship.

“Get in!” Her dad screamed. They all ran in and slammed the door shut behind them.

“Don’t worry guys, I know how to fly this.” Red was lucky her dad was a pilot.

BOOM!!!!!!! They blasted off. During the long trip Red had told her dad everything that had happened until they finally returned back to Earth, safely. They got out of the spaceship.

“Okay honey. Where’s the laser gun? I know how to get everyone back.”

Red took out the gun, obediently.

“Just hit the reset button!” exclaimed her father.

She did and everyone appeared.

“Thank you! Thank you!” The people ran towards Red and her family.

“Oh honey! You saved us!” Shouted Red’s mother.

“Yup!”, Her father smiled,”She did it all on her own.”

And they all lived Happily Ever After…..

Just kidding, this isn’t a fairy tale.

‘Till next time!

Avatar Links:

Red Snowball

Zany Snowball



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  1. O, no! Lancar, don’t do it!!! 😮


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