Mythology Guide

When you land on Main Street, you will quickly notice that this Island is filled with Greek Mythology! This is my kind of Island! Go inside of the Mount Olympus Museum and you’ll see a skit of the Gods defeating Kronos. Go farther into the Museum and click on statues of the Goddesses and Gods if you want to know more about them. Go up a level and get the star fish off Poseidon’s head. Leave the museum and go to your right. You see an orangish temple. Go inside. Get the Reed. Pipes all the way to your right under the picture of Apollo. Go to the Muse on the right side, middle level, and ask her to teach you how to play. She will give you a test, and if you pass will give you a song that will lull Cerberus To sleep. Now exit the building and go to your left 2 times. A lady will tell you that things are not always what they seem. You will see statues telling you to pick the Apple of Immortality. Tempting…So climb up tree and climb up to the top of the leaves, using bouncy mushrooms and snakes. At the top, a satyr half male,half goat- will tell you how to reach the Apple of Immortality if you find his 10 Jars of Honey in 60 seconds. When you do, he’ll reveal a secret path in the trees to get to it. Go on this path, and Zeus will appear, angry.

That’s never good…

He says that in payment for taking the apple, you must find the 5 Sacred Items=a Flower from the Garden of the Sphinx, the Golden Ring from the Minotaur,a Scale from the Hydra, a Giant Pearl from the Kingdom of Poseidon, and a Whisker from Cerberus, the Guardian of the Underworld. You agree, so climb back down the tree. The lady becomes Athena, and she tells you not to trust her dad and to look to the Olive Branches for her help. Head to your left and click on the Sphinx to wake her up. She’ll want you to somehow get the water to flow again. Go up the Aqueducts ( which is strange because I could’ve sworn those were Roman, if I was paying attention correctly in third grade…) Head to the top one, and just pull each lever you see once, and when you see a bridge, just push it down. Once you get the water flowing again, collect the Flower from the Sphinx. You notice it comes with a little note, but you don’t worry about it now. Jump up off the Sphinx onto the tree and pick up the pomegranates .Now, go up past the sign that says, “Meet the Minotaur!” Click on the olive above it, and Athena appears saying “Music can open new doors.” Walk open to the door with the colors. Take out your Reed Pipes and play the colored notes clockwise. The door will open. Go inside, and talk to the Minotaur. He will say that before he can give you his Ring, you must complete his Labyrinth.


Athena will give you a ball of Golden String to help mark your way, based on the myth where Ariadne gave Theseus the same string to find his way from the Labyrinth because she loves him. Then, of course, Theseus dumps her on an island. Pff. Typical boy. Backing away from Greek Mythology,I could tell you the exact instructions on how to get through the first part. But that would take forever, so I’ll just tell you the pointers. When you see a riddle, it will say, “15 bones of ancient men,take back six but still leave 10. Move the bones so that they actually say “Ten.”You can now pass.

Find the exit a little ways down (watch out for the scorpion!), and the second part begins! You have to click on the snake with red eyes 3 times, which is harder than it looks. Once you do that, the Minotaur with give you his Nose Ring. Leave, and go back to the section of the Temple of Apollo. Go past it, not inside, and drop down to the Underworld. A boy will tell you that he needs help wiping off the Graffiti on Hade’s temple. Once you wipe it off, he will give you a Drachma, the money of Ancient Greece. Go inside the temple, and go right. Put out the Pomegranates on the shelf, and the door will open. Go inside, and drop down that huge hole. Talk to the man on the boat-Charon, the Driver of the Boat of the Dead- and he will agree to take you down the River Styx.

“So why’s the water green…?”

Watch out for these 3 obstacles falling ceiling, flying skulls, and crocodiles in the water. First move to the front of the boat to avoid the falling stalactites, then jump to avoid the flaming skull, and jump again to avoid the crocodile. Keep repeating until you’re done. Then, walk up to the Cerberus. Play the music the Muse taught you to make Cerberus fall asleep. Pluck his whisker off. You can try to go to Hade’s Throne Room, but it’s blocked by a huge rock. Go back to where Charon is, go up, and leave the temple. Jump on those moving platforms that are on your right and go off, and at the top, jump in the water. There’s more graffiti on Poseidon’s temple, but you can wash this off. Go inside the temple, and, like last, run to your right. Set down the star fish that you got in the museum on the shelf. The door will now open. Go inside, all the way, and stop next to Aphrodite, the tall and beautiful woman next to the water. She’ll give you a challenge-name the Goddesses or Gods that represent the statues she shows you. Now your glad you looked at those statues before, hmm? Of coarse, if you love Greek Mythology like me, you won’t even need to memorize the statues. 🙂 Once you finish, Aphrodite will give you a special mirror that takes you to the Realms of 4 Gods and a Goddess: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Aphrodite, but only if you’ve been there once, so, as of right now, you could only go to  Zeus, Hades, and Aphrodite. So now dive in the water. Make your way to the bottom left corner, and dive into a bubble whenever you see one for more air.You will see a cave, so go inside. The Hydra is in there. Walk up to the monster and it will stick one of its head out. Each time it does, stomp on its head. This will happen 5 times if you don’t mess up a few times. Collect the Scale from the Hydra.


Now leave the cave, and go up, and you will see an Oyster, opening and shutting its mouth. The Pearl is inside, so get it when the mouth is open. You have all of the items now, so go make to wear Athena was when you first saw her. She will tell you that she has discovered something dangerous about the Sacred Items. You must piece the words that came with each item together so they fit. In the end, it says- “Whoever wields the five Sacred Items will rule all of Poptropica” Suddenly, Zeus himself appears out of the sky. He admits that he was using you to get the Five Sacred Items. He laughs at you, and steals the items. Athena says to find her brother Hercules (or Heracles, in Greek) and convince him to get the help of her Uncles- Poseidon and Hades. Find Hercules at Herc’s Hero Hut on Main Street. At first he doesn’t  want to go anywhere. Then, you tell him you’ve got the Magic Mirror, and he agrees.It doesn’t matter where you go, but I’ll start with Hades. Click on the Skull on your Mirror. Hercules will push away the rock blocking the Throne Room. Go inside, and Hades will give you his Crown. Now go back to Hercules, and go to Poseidon. Hercules will push away that rock, and go inside Poseidon’s Palace. Poseidon will give you his Trident. Go back to Hercules, and go to Zeus. Hercules will break the lock on the Gate. Go inside, and Hercules sees a snake. Of coarse, who’s the only person in Greek Mythology who has snake for hair? Medusa. So she’ll turn Hercules to stone, but he’ll insist that he got what he always wanted-a statue on Mount Olympus. Walk to your right, and you’ll meet a God with spiky blue hair-Aeolus, the God of the Winds. For one Drachma, he’ll give you a Bag of Wind-free re-fills. Use your Drachma to get it. Fly up to the Zeus statue, and hop until you get to the entrence to Mt. Olympus. When you get inside, the building is dark and there are statues of Zeus everywhere. Walk by one, and it will light up. Walk past each one, and Zeus will appear, angry. Luckily, you put on Hades’ Crown and Poseidon’s Trident automatically, and you start the last battle.

If you press the space bar in battle, you light up!

You are flying around on little pink clouds. Those clouds are your tune-ups. If you lose all of them, and you’ll have to start over. Keep zapping Zeus with Poseidon’s Trident until his green line above him is blank, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Zeus can bump into you, throw little power balls at you, or just kinda…rumble. I don’t know what to call it. So when his green line is done, he’ll return your items. Athena will give you the Island Medallion and 50 Credits!Not only that, but if you put on Poseidon’s Trident and Hades’ Crown, you turn sparkly and huge. Coolios! 🙂

Bwhahah! I now rule over all of you! Now, I want you to do my homework, you to clean my room-hey, you! You can’t hide from me!

*Written by Fearless Speck*


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