Nabooti Guide

Jump onto the Maine Street. Enter that museum and find the girl at the bottom. She’ll tell you about the missing Nabooti jewels. Say that you’ll accept the challenge to find them, and she’ll give you a map. Go outside to your very left, and find the person with a plane. Click on him. Now go to the Kaya forests, first, if you follow the blog’s way of doing this. It’s a dark place, but jump on top of the trees and find the Golden Nugget. Go back to Maine Street and trade it for a camera. Now go to Safari. You can go inside the Internet Cafe, if you’d like, but it’s not important to the game. So go to the very right and offer to take pictures for Big Zeke, the man there. You must take only good shots of the animals, and be careful: you can only mess up once, because you have to take pictures of 7 animals, and you have a memory holding 8 pictures. Once you take all 7 perfect ‘pics,  Big Zeke will give you a Miner’s Hat. Now go to the place marked on the map as Diamond Mines.(at the bottom of map) First thing to do is put on your hard hat. Now, run to your right and hit that power switch. It will turn off the electric fence for exactly one minute, so make your way to the opening  to the fence on the middle of the right side of the screen. You will have to walk on that pole thing. Once you get over the fence,  there will be moving carts going the opposite way as you. Climb up them ’till you get to the oppening at the top. Now, you’ll be in a tunnel. If you run all the way to your right, a big wall will block you. So, run  all the way to your left again. See that barrel of explosives? Push it up against the wall, then push the green button. The wall will explode! Now puch that mine cart you see, and then jump in it. There will now be a mini-game where you are in the carn, and you have to jump over spikes and duck when going up, or you’ll fall. But be careful! If you duck to long, you will slide off of it! Once you are done, you will be in a room full of white diamonds. One of them will be a Missing Nabooti Jewl, but it will be different from the others because it wil have a tiny little inscription. The jewl will be on your bottom lefthand side. Now go up, and find the plane.Go to Blue Nile Falls. It’s the one bunched up with the others. When you get there, find your way to the top with the woman and the chicken feed, chicken, and fox. She’ll tell you that she needs to get them to the other side, but if you leave the chicken alone with the feed, it will eat the feed, and if you leave the chicken with the fox, then it will eat the chicken. So bring them over like this.

  1. Bring the chicken over to the other side, leaving the fox with the feed.
  2. Bring the feed over and bring back the chicken.
  3. Quickly swap the chicken for the fox, and bring it over, leaving the chicken alone.
  4. Bring back the chicken.

The woman will be so grateful she’ll tell you about a Secret Passageway. Before you leave, get that Egyptian Blue Lily flower.  The cave will be by the waterfall, covered by a bush. Enter, and you will need to jump from mountain-to-mountain. But icicles will fall on you, so be careful! When you get to the other side, pick up the Purple Jewl!  Go back to your plane, and go to Mountains of the Moon. Climb up a little, and you’ll find that those annoying goats like to hit you with their antlers. But wait! You need them to kick you up to the mountain! Stand by that tree, and wait for them to bonk you up there! Find the woman to your left, and get the fruit she’s trying to reach. Now make your way to the top of that Icy Cold Mountain, and you will find that  there is a man who will let you into the mountain as long as you play Mancala. I really don’t know how to explain this, but… just read the instructions! So, when you enter the mountain, jump down and pick up the cell phone! It’s the same thing as lat time, where you have to jumpfrom mountain to mountain. Pick up that Red Jewl when you are done! Head back to the plane and go to Maine Street. Trade your Lilly for a turban. Now go North to Giza, but put on your turban, or the gaurds will attack! One of them will hand you a shovel with a number. Writ down this number, or memmorize it. Walk to your right to the tent, and call this number with your cell. Vince the boss will go find it, and the gaurds will run away. Dig through his bag, and get that Moonstone! Jump to the top of the Sphinx and touch the circle. The Entence will open! Go inside. See those paintings on the wall? Write them down horrizontally, starting with the top one. Now, click on the painting with the sticks. Keep changing them ’till they are all straingt. Now you can walk accross the scorpian to the other room. In this room you will need to push the four blocks on their carvings on the wall so they match the direction and spot the carvings are. It will open a passage way. Go through it. Now, there will be blocks that you have to jump on, but if you are on one for too long, they will crumble and fal. Land on the blocks the right way you wrote them down. Go up. There will be a room with huge statues and a painting that tells you what to do. Follow the painting and you will get the Blue Jewl! Head back to your plane and go to Kaya Forests again. Give the fruit thing to the turtle, and he’ll move. Dig under where that messed up ground is and you will get an Ebony Elephant. Oh, and some angry spirts. They will want a Fingo. Go back to Maine Street and give the elaphant to the last trader. They will give you a Fingo. Give this back to the spirits, and they will leave you the Green Jewl. The last one! Head back tot he girl you first talked to in the meuseum, and she’ll tell you to put the jewls in the right order.

Top to bottom:

  1. Purple
  2. Green
  3. Red
  4. White
  5. Blue
  6. Orange (already there)
  7. Yellow (already there)

The statue will come to life and fly out of Poptropica! The woman is so happy she gives you the Island Medallion and 50 credits.


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