The POPcorn Poptropica Owners’ Q and A!

Ever wanted to ask Fearless Speck and Bronze Sun some questions? Well, now’s your chance!  We have made a list of your anticipated questions about us and answered them below! Enjoy!

Q:  What are your favorite Islands?

A: Fearless Speck: Well, it’s kinda a tie between Mythology, Steamworks, and Cryptids. I like Mythology Island because I really enjoy Greek Mythology, I like Steamworks because I just like the creepiness of being alone, and I like Cryptids because I really like the surprise of finding each cryptid!

A: Bronze Sun: I like Mythology, too because I like the stories of Greek Mythology. But I also like Mystery Train because it’s cool trying to figure out the mystery as you are led on to different suspects.

Q: What’s your username?

A: Fearless Speck: catsrock1111

A: Bronze Sun: catsrock2222

Q: Who’s  your favorite villain?

A: Fearless Speck: I would say Medusa, but she’s not really the main villain of the Island. But the Black Widow’s pretty awesome, too.

A:  Bronze Sun: I like Dr. Hare because he’s a rabbit! And I love rabbits! And Director is D is also pretty cool, because his evil plan is hilarious!

Q: Who’s your favorite hero?

A:  Fearless Speck: I guess Sprocket from Steamworks Island. Technically, Sprocket is a hero because he helps you through the Island.

A: Bronze Sun: My favorite hero is Merlin the Owl. He’s a real lifesaver. It’s sad that he has to die though.

Fearless Speck Says: Merlin didn’t die! He fell in battle against Mordred, but then the Princess had him fixed! It said at the end when you click on Merlin.

Q: How were you introduced to Poptropica?

A: Fearless Speck:Well, in late 2008-early 2009, when we were in third grade, Poptropica was, like, the “thing”. My classmates introduced me to it one day, and I was a little confused at first. Like, where was Early Poptropica and how did I bring the pig to it? Did my items stay in my backpack only during the island, and I had to go back and get it again if I changed islands? Did you have to customize people in order to finish the island? I eventually caught on to how to play, obviously, but during the years, the other people playing Poptropica in my class just stopped playing, and Bronze Sun and I were the last ones playing. We don’t mind, though. We like to stick out in the crowd.

A: Bronze Sun: I was also introduced by everyone in Third grade. They all wanted to play it during free time in Technology. So I eventually did and I liked it ever since.

Q: What was the first Island you saw come out?

A: Fearless Speck:Reality TV Island. I was so excited, I wanted to stay home from school! Seriously, I begged my mom. But she wouldn’t let me. Luckily, we had Technology class that day, and I already knew how to do it, ‘cuz someone that was a member already posted how to do it, so the night before I watched the whole video. My classmates were all like, “Wow *Fearless Speck*! How did you know how to do that?” It felt good to be needed. 🙂

A: Bronze Sun: Also Reality TV Island. Fearless Speck and I wanted to spend the night at her house so, instead of going to school, we could play first thing in the morning. Of course that didn’t work, so I had to wait until I got home from school that day.            😦

Q: What’s your least favorite island?

A: Fearless Speck:Let’s see… Early Poptropica, because I’ve completed it s million times, it’s so easy, and it’s boring to me: Skullduggery, because it practically takes forever to get the Phoenix Warbird, annnnd I think that’s all.

A: Bronze Sun: Early Poptropica is too easy to me and that makes it boring. And Wild West because when I was trying to shoot the villains from the train, I kept clicking on Poptropica ads and it took forever!!

Q:What is your favorite Costume Card?

A: Fearless Speck:I like the Robin Hood because of the archery equipment, but I also like ALL of the pies, the waffle, and the Prom Queen.

A: Bronze Sun: Definitely the waffle. Waffles are one of my favorite foods! But the whipped cream hat on the pie is cool too!

Q: What was your first Store Card, not including anything for free?

A: Fearless Speck:Ah, let me check…  Ah ha! The Meteor Shower was the first one I paid for! The first thing I actually got was the Avatar Studio, then Haunted House, and then Meteor Shower. But the Meteor Shower was the first one I actually used Credits for.

A: Bronze Sun: I bought the Pop Star with the 75 credits I got from saving the game!

Q:  What tribe do you belong to in the Poptropolis Games, and why?

A: Fearless Speck: I belong to the Nightcrawlers tribe because

a) I like the Night

b) I adore the Goddess Artemis, and she’s also the Goddess of the Moon.

See?  Go Nightcrawlers!!!

A: Bronze Sun: I belong to the Nightcrawlers because Fearless Speck told me she did, too. But I also like Artemis.

Q: What is your favorite event the Poptropolis Games?

A: Fearless Speck:  I would say Archery, but, to tell the truth, it is A LOT harder on Poptropica then in Real Life. Believe me. I’ve done archery. But the one I’m the best at is the Javelin. It’s fun, and it’s easy for me.

A: Bronze Sun: I love archery, and Speckles’s right about it, it’s easier in real life. But I’m best at the Pole Vault or the Long Jump, because they both involve jumping far and I seem to be good at that.

Q: What’s with the things you’re holding in that picture above the Blog?

A: Fearless Speck:  Backstory Time! When I was in Third Grade, I was stuck on that one part in 24 Carrot Island (seriously, I thought it was hard) where you had to run across those swinging platforms. And, surprise surprise, I kept falling. I was so frustrated. Then I found the Time Freeze in the store. It showed a clock with icicles around it, and it said that you could freeze time with it! This looked so good to me, because I thought it would only freeze everything around me, but not me. So, I saved up my credits and did other islands. Finally, when I got enough, I bought it. I put it on, and it was just a regular clock. So I ran back  to 24 Carrot and stood next to the moving platforms. I took a deep breath… And hit the space bar. To my surprise and hatred, it froze everything, including me. There were little icicles around the frame. I was so upset! Now I think it’s funny and cool, because they took it out of the store, probably because of the  “pause button” they didn’t always have, but I got to keep it.  🙂

A: Bronze Sun: It’s an Edison light bulb. I won it on the preview for Mystery Train Island before it came out.

Q: What are your favorite accessories you can get while completing an island, and what Island are they from?

A: Fearless Speck:Besides the Medallion? Deffinitley the flip-flops from Wimpy Boardwalk, and I also like the outfit you get for Poptropolis Games.

A: Bronze Sun: I would say the grappling bow tie from Spy Island.

Q: What’s your favorite Evil Files that YOU wrote, and what is your favorite Evil Files that you didn’t write?

A: Fearless Speck:I like my, “Kronos’ Revenge” because I just love Greek Mythology. It’s not like I think it’s good, I just like Greek Mythology. My favorite Bronzey’s story is A Poptropica Pop Star because I just love how EVIL she makes Spotty!

A: Bronze Sun: My favorite Evil Files that I wrote is A POPtropica POP Star. I just think it’s so much better then Lancar’s Tale. My favorite that Speckle wrote is “Wateves You Say” because it’s just awesome! 🙂

Q: Who is your least favorite character in Poptropica?

A: Fearless Speck:  I HATE that Lumberjerk at the end of Twisted Thicket. I want to repetedly slam his face into a tree.I also hate that cop on Super Power who gives your medallion to Ned.  I hate him. I also hate Sarah Snooty and Cathy Codex on Reality T.V. Ugh. AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON CHRISTOPHER IN VAMPIRE’S CURSE. He is SUCH  a typical boy. He LEAVES Katya when she is kidnapped, and THEN comes back and PRETENDS to rescue her. I want to hurt him soooooo hard. What? I’m not a hater- okay, yeah I am.

A: Bronze Sun:  I hate that cop on Super Power Island who gives the medallion to Ned at the end because I DESERVED THAT MEDALLION!!!!

Leave comments below on what other questions you want to know, and we’ll answer’em!


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