Reality TV Guide

So when you land on the island, the first thing you do is go in TV World and jump to the top story. Talk to the girl there and she’ll see if there’s something else on TV. Then keep pressing the button on the bottom of the TV to flip the channels until you find the channel that tells you how to be on the Reality Show. You’ll say, “It says to send applications to 123 Star Avenue, Hollywood.” Remember that address.

Then, walk into Mike’s Market. Talk to the lady in green, and since she won’t help you, talk to the man with the magazine. He’ll drop it, so pick it up and flip through it. If you read the page that talks about the hotel, it’ll say that Bucky Lucas once stayed in the room 4B. remember that. Also, it says the number for pizza is 555-PETE. Remember that. Then tear out the application sheet. Go out of the Market and into the Motel Office. Try and ignore the roaches. But if you can, click on them to smoosh them, but that’s not important. Pick up a pen and use it to fill out the application. Then pick up the phone and dial the pizza number: 555-7383. Tell him to deliver it to Hotel Room 4B. Then wait outside for the pizza woman to come. Talk to her when she gets there and she’ll say she forgot the room number to deliver it to. Take the pizza from her and knock on room 4B. The door will open so go inside and find Bucky Lucas. Eww!!

Talk to Bucky Lucas and he’ll give you a stamp to mail in the application. Then leave the hotel and go to the far right and you’ll see a mailbox. Stick the stamp on your application and send it in.

The next day, a helicopter will come and bring you to the place where they’re filming the show! You made it on! Good Luck!

So when you make it there, talk to everyone and you’ll find out just how conceited they all are. Here’s how the show works:

You play 7 rounds of mini-games. It doesn’t matter if you win or not at first. As long as you don’t get voted off you’re good. So after every round, they hold a voting session to see who gets kicked off the show. If you win, you’re immune from getting kicked off. So try to win. Especially in the sixth round, because there will only be three people left, and if you win, you’ll be the deciding vote; if you lose, you better hope the winner likes you. And you definitely want to win the last round, because if you do, you win the show. Now I don’t know what order you’ll get the games in, but I can give you a list of all the games and some tips to help you win them. If you win the last round, then congratulations! Because you won the island medallion! So have fun!

Water Run– I’m really bad at this one, but maybe you’ll be better. Just try to avoid the weird…. animal. And be as careful as you can when you’re running so you don’t spill any water. Also, if you’re as bad at this as I am, then don’t even really try if you know you’re going to lose. Just do really bad and you won’t be a threat so they won’t vote you off. (Unless, of course, it’s the 6th or 7th round.)

Knockout– I haven’t had much experience with this, but I’ll do the best I can. Only pull the rock back a little bit, and you’ll probably hit the bottom one, or if you want the top one, pull it back a little bit more. Shoot for the people who are winning, with the most of their plate left.

Hang Glider– Just stay far back so you can see what’s coming at you.

Pole Climb– Stay on the far left, and if you see a coconut coming, move to the right. Then move back left if you see one coming there.

Boulder Push– Just click as much as you can. It’ll really work your index muscle.

Shot Put– Make sure the first one is in the middle, and the second one is at the top. It’ll bring you really far.

Geyser Guess– This game is really all about luck. So good luck! But most of the time, they always do it on the odd-numbered ones. Like the first one on the left, or the third one from the left.

Balanced Diet– Put your mouse in the middle and just leave it there. Don’t touch it at all and you should be good. But even though it’s the best method, it doesn’t always work.

Shuffleboard– It’s good that you get to go last, that way no one can knock you out in the third round of the game. For the first round, shoot as far as you can to get to the target. For the second one, just try to get closer. And for the third round, knockout the person winning and you should be good.

Turtle Shell Toss– Aim halfway to the top and almost as far and you can go to get the 20 and only go a little bit to get the 10. But I would shoot for the 20.

Totem Hop– Always have your mouse over another totem, and if you see your totem shaking, click on that one. And always have another backup in case your first one starts shaking. Basically, always be prepared.

Mountain Race– Stay far behind so you can see what coming, but not too far. Don’t let anyone get too far in front of you, and don’t worry about being first until the end. Also, follow what the people in front of you are doing.

Coconut Catch– Stay close to the tree so you can see what’s coming and where it’s going, and avoid bombs (obviously).

On The Line– This game really just depends on where the fish are. All you have to do is click and hope that a fish will come.

So those are all the challenges! Good Luck! And here’s what it looks like when you win:






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