Shark Tooth Guide

Hi, Speck here, feeling terrible. I just accidentally deleted the already-made Shark Tooth and Time-Tangled guide. So here I go.

Land on Main Street. Pick up a shark fin, if you’d like, but you do have to walk down and pick up the Coconut Milk from the man wearing a flower necklace . You may walk down and into the two museums to learn more things.If you go inside the Shark Museum, you’ll meet the very- famous-yet-very-rude-Shark Boy. 

Now, run all the way to your right on main street. Keep going and end up next to a temple. Talk to the girl, and she’ll tell you she lost a page of Proffessor Hammerhead’s journal. If you push the square piece of stone, jump on the tree thingy. Watch out for falling coconuts. Jump ontop of the temple, and run to the piece of paper. Pick it up. Jump off the temple and run to your left to the ocean. Get a grass skirt. Talk to the lady and she’ll tell you her son is lost at sea, trapped by the Great Booga Shark. Now, put on your skirt and go back to the palm tree, but go all the way up this time. You will find a Medicine Man, and he’ll tell you the ingrediants to tame the Great Booga Shark: a bone, Coconut Milk, and the Secret Ingrediant, or whatever its called. 🙂 So, jump inside the temple, and make your way to the very top left. Caution: Bats knock you down. So, when you get up there, enter the correct symbols for OPEN. Go inside and jump as close as you can to the gold statue of the shark. Wait for the giant catterpillar to pass- yes, I said giant catterpillar- and then jump on its head. Jump on the swingy thingy and land on the platform. Jump down and find the Bone. Now go back up the catterpillar and land on the platform again, but this time jump on the moving platform. Go into the room it leads to the Secret Ingrediant. Now, go up and make your way back to the Medicine Man. Give the ingrediants to him and he’ll give you the Calming Potion. Go back to the place where they give out grass skirts, but swim to the fishing island. Shoot the coconut into the water and it’ll make the Great Booga fall asleep. Now you can swim over to the island. When you get there, the lady’s son and Proffessor Hammerhead will be there, and will follow you there. Lead them back home, and you will get 50 credits and the Island Meddallion. Congrats!!!!

*Written by Fearless Speck*


2 thoughts on “Shark Tooth Guide

  1. Yeah, the already made Sharktooth by ME!


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