Spy Guide

When you land on Spy Island, talk to the woman in black. Then walk into the headquarters. Go all the way to the top and talk to Director D. He’ll give you the decoder kit and tell you about your mission. Jump on top of the building and talk to the spy. He will tell you some valuable information, but you have to decode it. Then head to the eye doctor. Take the eye test, but answer the exact opposite of the questions. He’ll tell you to meet him upstairs. Do so. Put on the chameleon suit and head to the docks. Go left.  Talk to the man in the trash can and decode the message. Be careful not to be caught by B.A.D.  agents. Freeze if one comes near. Try and make your way to the roof. Enter the room and avoid the dogs. They’re not as sweet as they sound.

Nice doggy…

Make your way to the bottom and find the agent that is tied up. He’ll give you a satellite clue and a pen.

Then exit the room. Then go back to Main Street. Go right to Balding Avenue. Talk to the man in the bushes. Decode the message. Then go into the B.A.D. Bistro. The man will tell you that they don’t allow spy gear in the restaurant and off comes your spy suit. Go right into the kitchen and talk to the chef. Tell him you’d like to apply for the job. He’ll give you a simple memory test and you got the job! (That is, if you pass the memory test.) He’ll give you a chef’s hat. Put it on and go left to the tables. One person will hand you his empty glass, which is just what you need, his fingerprint! Now you can’t keep going left and out the door, because he won’t let you leave without filling up his glass. So go back to the kitchen and climb on top of the stove until you get to a secret passageway in the ceiling. Go left through there until you land on the light. Keep going left on the next three lights. Then you can jump down because you’ll be at the door. Go through the door  and put your chameleon suit back on. Then go right until you find another man in bushes. He’ll give you some files. Don’t look at them yet. Keep going right to Toupee Terrace. You will make it to a door, but the door has a light on it. Wait until it goes off, (unless you want to be shocked,) and then go right. Wait until the light of the first window is out and jump on it. Then jump on the tiny platform to the left of it and wait until the light goes off on the window above it, then jump on. Then jump onto the platform to the left of that window and then jump to the roof. Then jump onto the window to the top left when the light is off, and then to left again, and the left again, until you reach the roof. And I think you know what comes next, jump on that. Then jump on the window above it with no light on period, and then onto the platform to the right, and then the window to the right, when the light’s off. Then the next window on the right that’s to the top, then the next window on the right that’s directly to the right, not down to the right and then the window that’s down to your right, and then the platform on the right. (Sorry if this is confusing.) Then on the roof. And there’s the window. Click on it and you’ll use your laser pen to cut through the metal bars. Then you’ll enter and untie another trapped spy. He’ll give you a grappling bow tie and another satellite clue. Put on your new bow tie!

Then exit and jump all the way down to the left to Balding Avenue. Go left and on top of the Grease Monkey Building, using your grappling bow tie. Go up the windows until you reach a sign saying “Rooftops”. Go up there. Go up on top of the blue glass and go to your vey left, without falling off. Click on your grappling bow tie to go to the very top of the building on your left. Watch out for gaurds. Then go to your left again. If you can’t see where your going, it’s okay. There’s always something to grab on to with your bow tie. You should be at the bottom of a tower now. Get to the top. The guy in black will tell you you should try to grapple onto the antenna of the other building. Do so and go inside the vent tube thingy. Go all the way to your right and click on the cherry bomb. It’ll drop. You have a limited amount of time before it explodes, so be careful. Push it to your left until it springs up the flower thingy. Get up there with the bow tie, but don’t get bitten by a plant. Push the bomb to your left and let it land on the platform. Then jump down. Use the flower to get the bomb up and then jump up all the way to trapped spy. Push the bomb towards the opening and wait for it to blow. The spy will get out and give you ultra vision goggles that help you see lasers that a normal eye wouldn’t see. She’ll also give you the third and final satellite clue.

Put on your ultra vision goggles and go down and exit. Here’s the fun part, jump alllllllll the way down from the rooftops until your on Balding Avenue again.Go right to Toupee Terrace. And then keep going right into the B.A.D. Control Center. Watch out for lasers! Keep going right without getting zapped and then on top of the roof. Then go up onto the first platform. Then up to the second platform. Then go left and down. Then use your bow tie to go all the way up to the left. Then use the glass with the fingerprint to get inside the door. Then go right and up onto the platform. Then the platform to your left, then your right, Then to the top platform. You’ll be trapped in bars. But Director D. will rescue you. But is he really a good guy? If your read your File X going down instead of across, it’ll say, “Don’t Trust Director D.” But anyways, he’ll ask you if you can get the teleporter working. Look at your satellite clues and out them all together in one neat stack. It’ll say,

“1. Laser

2. Hair

3. Removal”

Use these to get the teleporter working. Passcode 1 is “Laser”. Passcode 2 is “Hair”. And Passcode 3 is “Removal”. Director D. will do an evil laugh and jump in the teleporter. When I first did the island, after reading the File X and the evil laugh, and I didn’t want to go in the there because I could tell he was evil, but you have to to complete the island, so jump in the teleporter! He’ll tell you his evil plans, and you’ll act like you don’t know, but if your smart, you really should have known. Oh well. He’ll get inside his weird thing and send out his mini-bots. Get on the right of one of the things with a yellow ball inside and wait for the mini-bot to come towards you and destroy himself. Do the same with the next four mini-bots he sends, but do it at different places for each one. Once you destroy them all, Director D. will get so mad and try to destroy you himself. Get to the one of the top platforms and jump when he tries to get to you. He’ll get so many cracks in his robot thing and get so mad, he’ll give up! You’ll jump with joy and find yourself back in the Spy H.Q. Director D. will be in bars and the top spy will thank you and give you a medallion! You’ve completed the island, but if you want to see something funny, go outside and you’ll see that everyone’s hair is huge! Bigger than it was before. So that’s it! Bye!



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