Super Power Guide

Bam! Pow! Boom! What’s that sound? Mutant prisoners escaping jail! But luckily, I, Fearless Speck, am more than happy to help you round them all up! Okay, so when you land on the island, go into the Comic Store and talk to the boy in the shop. He’ll give you a comic book. You can read it to find out more about what to do when you come across villans. Next, leave and go to the Costume store next door. Get your super hero card and a costume from there, or you can make your own, like I did.

Now, exit and run to the jail all the way to your left. Talk to the Prison Warden and the Scientist girl to get information on the prisoners and Anti-Power glowing green handcuffs. Now, run all of the way to your right, and now you can leave Main Street because you have permission. First things first: The villain Copy Cat can make copies of herself to make her harder to catch, and she’ll be at the bank behind that crying man. Go inside, and it will zoom over to Copy Cat. Before you run over to her, press the  elevator  button, then go to her. and she’ll laugh, make copies of herself, and throw a smoke bomb.

Quickly, find all of her copies. Look right next to the broken bank vault(Copy Cat #1), jump onto the leftshelf with the plant, and onto the left lantern (Copy Cat #2) jump down next to the potted tree, ( Copy Cat #3) on top of the bank teller thingy, (Copy Cat #4)  jump onto the right shelf with the plant and onto the second right lantern, (Copy Cat #5) and go up the elevator. Now go to the one right next to the elevator (Copy Cat #6) jump onto the top of the files (Copy Cat#7)  jump onto the other file case (Copy Cat #8) the one right next to the trash can (Copy Cat #9) and lately, the real Cop Cat, the one sitting on the desk. (Copy Cat #10) Now the computer will take you back to the warden. Now run back to where you ran before, but go farther and into the Subway. The villain Speeding Spike will be there with super-speed. Step inside the subway and run to the end. You have to tease Speeding Spike by waiting for  him to charge and then jumping up.

After a little while, he’ll run into the next cart. Keep doing this until you get him to the first card, where he’ll slip on water. Click on him. You will be taken back to the jail. Now run even farther, past the Subway, and into the park. Pick up a hot dog, while you’re here.  Now, the villain Sir Rebral has telekinesis, which means he has the ability to move things with his mind. Jump on the head statue and push him. Keep doing this ’till he gets mad. Then, he’ll use the ground and it will pop up.

Now,  jump down and push that huge rock right in front of the bathrooms. When the dirt pops up, the rock will hit him. Click on him. Back to the prison, it is. Go back to the park and into the bathrooms. Go down into the sewers. Click on the first wheel visible, and the water level will drop. Now, click on any other wheel, and the water will rise. See that door? Go in it. Ratman has power over animals, so to jump to the very top right, avoid the rats. when you get to the top, click that wheel.

Ratman will get covered in garbage, and his flies will attack you! Jump from platform to platform until you reach Ratman. Click him. You’re in the jail courtyard again. Huzzah.(sarcasm) Run back to the park and go right. There you will find Crusher. He has super-strenghth. Go to your right and jump on those barrels, on the Crusher’s platforms, and up the tower to the top. Deactivate that magnet! It will crush Crush, but he has super-strenghth, remember?

So, he’ll throw a barrel at you. So make your way back to the original barrels and try to go up the tower, again, but this time Crusher will throw barrels at you. So when you get to the top,activate it, and Crusher will be smashed for sure. Click on him. It’s back to jail, but this time, it’s good, because you’re on the right street! While you walk to your right, the telephone booth will ring. Click on it, and you’ll have the ability to fly!

Click on the flying figure at the bottom left-hand corner to activate/deactivate it. Now, fly to the top of that building next to the subway. Go up. Betty Jetty, power to fly, will be there. She’ll fly into the sky, and you can fly, too.

Follow her. Betty Jetty will be flying ahead of you, and throwing glowing green orbs at you. Tip: It may not seem like this, but the group of 4 orbs are easier that the singular orbs because the four orbs fly right past you, while the singular orb tracks you down. Once you catch her, she’ll say that you haven’t won yet. Then, Ned Noodlehead (the boy from the Comic store) will come and defeat her for you. The Warden says he gave the Island Medallion to him. So find him in the Comic Shop, and he says he will give it to you in exchange for a hot dog. Glad you got that hotdog, huh? So give it to him, and you will get the Island Medallion and 50 credits! Awesome!

*Written by Fearless Speck*


2 thoughts on “Super Power Guide

  1. Kitty101 says:

    How do U make Super Kitty?! I want 2 so bad!!!!!

    • Okay, so I just took the black bodysuit or whatever it’s called from that Pumpkin head costume in the store, get a random black cape from someone, put your hair in a braid, and as for the mask, I just found it on some random person, and it’s really rare. But if you really want it, add me as a friend on Poptropica (my username is: catsrock1111) and find my photo in my Photo Album for Counterfeit Island. I’m wearing the mask in that picture, so costumize it off of me. 🙂

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