The Evil Files

Welcome to The Evil Files! It’s a section of The POPcorn Poptropica about stories of bad guys made up entirely from the minds of Fearless Speck and Bronze Sun, (unless based on Mythology of some kind!) because, hey, bad guys never get a story about themselves! They will be made-up characters in real Islands. We will add new Evil Files every once in a while. Click on the name of the story you want to read to access the story. So, sit back, dim the lights, and enjoy The Evil Files!

*All stories are G-Rated- no matter how scary the little thing beneath the story sounds that describes it, it’s really not as scary as it sounds.*

Lancar’s Tale– Bronze Sun –

What can Red Snowball do when Lancar from outer space  attacks her town?

Kronos’s  Revenge– Fearless Speck –

When the Greek Titan Kronos awakens himself from his prison, he means to go for revenge…

The Tofu Dog’s Match– Fearless Speck-

Chewy used to be a good tofu dog- until the ‘incident’.

A Birthday Party Disaster– Fearless Speck-

All  Sporty Carrot wanted was a good birthday party, but that doesn’t seem like it will happen.

A POPtropica POP Star– Bronze Sun-

This Pop Star just wanted to be famous around Poptropica, but she would stop at nothing to get that fame….

Wateves U Say… -Fearless Speck-

“Don’t text while on an airplane!” her mother always told her. Only if she had listened…

A Fatal Accident– Bronze Sun-

This mayor used to be loved by everyone, until the car wreck that changed his life completely.

Leave Your Comments to Yourself- Fearless Speck- under construction

Bullying can do a lot to a Poptropican- and it’s worse than you think. Public Service Announcment about bullying.

The Valentine’s Day Parade– Bronze Sun-

Silver Comet was head-over-heels for one guy, and she thought Valentine’s Day would be the best day to impress him. But she was in for a surprise when he turned evil, and she had to save him.


4 thoughts on “The Evil Files

  1. Scary Fairy says:

    Awesome blog. Can’t wait for more evil files! I’ve read them all! “Wateves you say” the story sounds really cool!

    • *reads comment* Huh? What does she- OH MY GOSH!! I SOOO forgot about that story!! Thx for reminding me!! :)It’s been saying “Under construction” since the begining of September!!!!

      • Scary Fairy says:

        Still sounds cool! Can’t wait until it’s finished! You guys are really good at writing stories!

  2. Scary Fairy says:

    I mean *wait now eait, sorry.

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