The Tofu Dog’s Match

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Chewy could remember the first time she came out in the store. She was so excited to finally be bought by millions of Poptropicans!  The only hot dog outfit in Poptropica!- well,  Tofu-Dog, that is. But then, one day, her happiness totally came to a stop. You see, Chewy had a bit of a problem you might call it ‘favoritism’. She always wanted people to like her, to be the best, to outshine everyone else! But then, the Creators made a new outfit just a plain old hot dog. Even Veggie knew that more kids would rather choose a good old-fashioned hot dog than a Tofu Dog. Chewy started to get angry. And when Chewy gets angry, no one is happy. Beefy, the other hot dog, was ruining the day she had longed for- to be sold in the store! The day before they were to be sold, Beefy walked up to Chewy. “Hi!” Beefy started to say,”I’m-” Chewy pushed Beefy aside. “I KNOW.” she said loudly and coldly. Chewy walked by a shocked Beefy into her quiet thinking place: the oven that nobody ever used. She sat down and sighed. What could she do to be more popular with kids? If Chewy wasn’t thinking so hard, she might’ve heard the conversation going outside, which went like this:

“Okay, are you ready to test the experiment using this old oven?”

“Sure! But, what are we doing exactly?”

“We took one breath from every evil villain in Poptropica and made it into a gas. Now we’re going to store it inside of this oven!”

“Alright, I’ll open the door!”

They opened the oven and jammed the gas inside. Chewy jerked her head forward. The force of the push had made the cap fall off of the container, the gas slowly snaking out of the vial. “Ahh!” Chewy screamed, plugging her nose. If evil had a smell, then this was it! Chewy frantically tried opening the oven, but it was no use. Chewy slowly passed out.

*    *    *    *    *    *    * *    *    *    *    *    *    *  *    *   *   *   

When Chewy woke up, she immediately noticed she was different. She felt mean, nasty, horrible, and worse than any of those.  Her image was different, too. Her once-tan skin was sickly pale, her lips a shade of black. In her hand held a deadly killer to hot dogs everywhere: green slime. Chewy smiled cruelly, and knew what hot dog she had to attack first: Beefy. Chewy made her way twords the room where Beefy was staying and knocked on the door. “Who is it?” Beefy called out in his cheerful voice. Chewy hated that voice. She slammed open the door, as Beffy jumped up, shocked.  “Chewy? What are you-?” Chewy squirted her slime at Beefy, who screamed as he passed out. Chewy smirked to herself, and moved on. She knew exactly whom she needed to target next: all of the kids who had bought Beefy’s costume. But how? Green slime couldn’t affect them in the same way. She pondered over this. Meanwhile, Holly the Hamburger mourned over Beefy, who was her best friend. She swore to herself that she would find whoever did this to him. Holly walked over to Beefy. She looked at them closely. “Is that green slime?” she muttered. Suddenly, she looked to her right, and noticed a trail of slime  leading twords that old oven.Gathering up her courage, Holly slowly walked over to the oven. She heard Chewy muse aloud about her scheme. “It was Chewy!” Holly quietly whispered. Holly snuck up, and slammed shut the door to the oven and locked it! Chewy whipped arround. “Let me out!” she screamed. “Hold on…” Holly said. She quickly bought the Love Potion in the store and stuck it into the oven. Immediately Chewy turned happy. Holly nodded. “Now I’ll let you out.” She opened the oven, and then ran back to the  Beefy, dragging Chewy along. “You’re the only one that can fix him!” she cried. “Alright…” Chewy reversed the spell, and Beefy was back to normal, except he was scarred from the experience and always had on a shocked expression. Holly and Beefy were the best of friends, and Chewy was nice to everyone.

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*Written by Fearless Speck*


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