The Valentine’s Day Parade

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Green Fox was just your average teenage girl living on Shrink Ray Island. 15 years old and all she could think about was boys, boys, boys. One boy in particular. She had to catch his attention. And she knew just how to do it. Valentine’s Day was tomorrow and she had to “woo” him. She was going to dress in a cute grey vest, and and her new black skinny jeans and straighten her hair and put a pretty pink headband in it. But boy was she in for a surprise when the love of her life, turned evil. How, you ask? Well let’s just say it went something like this…


Green Fox (Silvy for short, don’t ask why…) walked into school on Valentine’s Day, prepared for a day of excitement. She had written a note for her “special someone” and she was really hoping he liked her too.

“Where’s Speedy Claw?” she asked.

“I don’t know, he might be sick,” her best friend shrugged.

“No! He can’t be sick!” Silvy said a little too loud.

“Is there a problem?” The teacher asked.

“Nope. Nothing,” She replied quickly.

The teacher eyed her suspiciously but then looked away.


The rest of the day went by, and no sign of Speedy Claw. But wait, there he was! In the corner by the boy’s bathroom and the water fountain. And now he’s gone… The same thing happened throughout the rest of the day, he would be there one second, and gone the next. Then it was time for the Valentine’s Day Parade. Finally! She quickly grabbed her Valentine’s out of her backpack in her locker. But wait! Where were they? They had all miraculously disappeared! She looked around the room and it seemed that everyone else’s were gone, too. What happened? They all wondered.

“Okay class, settle down, I’m sure we can figure this out,” the teacher said. They all quietly got back to their seats. “Now I need one person to go out and see if maybe the Valentines are already in our bags outside, okay? Silvy, go look!”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Silvy walked out of the classroom and looked in the bags. They were all full of Valentines. But wait! Silvy looked in her best friend’s bag, but the Valentine from her read, “Roses are red, violets are blue, chocolate is sweet, unlike you.” What? That’s not what she wrote at all! But it looked exactly like her handwriting. And the Valentines she made! That was really weird. She looked at all the other bags and none of them had nice notes from anyone.

She walked back into the classroom. “All the Valentines are in there, but none of them are anything that anyone wrote! They’re all mean and rude. I don’t think anyone wrote those…” Everyone rushed out to look. Sure enough, the Valentines were the exact same, with a different message. But then she saw it, Speedy Claw with all the original Valentines, counting them out, and reading them all next to the bathrooms.

“You did this?!” She asked him.

He looked up, and when he saw her, started to get up and run away.

“No, wait!” She grabbed his arm. Omg, I’m touching his arm!!! NO, focus Silvy, you have a job to do. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Ruining Valentine’s Day,” he smirked.

“How could you?!”

“Well, I woke up this morning, and decided that since I would be forever alone, and my Valentine’s Day would stink, I wanted to ruin it for everyone else. Now leave me alone.”

“NO! You’re not forever alone. Well at least, you don’t have to be…” She looked away shyly.

“What do you mean?” He raised his eyebrows.

“I know someone who likes you…”

His eyes lit up, but then just as quickly they went back to normal. “Who?”

“Uhhhh… Me?” It came out like a question.”


“Uhhhh… NO! No I didn’t mean that.”

“Well leave me alone.”

She had to get those evil thoughts out his head. How could be so mean to ruin Valentine’s Day? Whatever, she had to do something. So she snuck out school and went to the Poptropica store to buy the love potion. She ran back inside the school and found him almost instantly. “Abra Cadbra!” She threw the potion on him. He instantly turned pink and looked at her.

“I like you.” She said quickly, and then looked away.

He looked at her, then planted a kiss on her lips. “I like you too.”

The words she always longed to hear. They were able to work togethter to fix Valentine’s Day and get the right Valentines in the right places. What a perfect Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Like the Lady GaGa song… Boys Boys Boys…

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