Time Tangled Island

Hey. It’s Speck. So, land on Time Tangled Island, (If you wanna see something funny, click on that crab multiple times!) Run over to that girl with the bad perm who’s crying. She’ll tell you that the future is in danger. Run inside the building with her. Talk to her again, and she’ll give you a Mission Printout. Talk to the guy with the ’80s glasses, and he’ll tell you how to power up the machine. Run down to the bottom and push that one thing over to the other. ( Ya, so descriptive, I know) So, the machine will turn blue. Walk inside it. You will be in what appears to be the future. Talk to your (way) older self and they’ll tell you to fix it. Do the following in this order.

  1. Go to the Greek time by cliking on the Greek picture and clicking the knob.  Click on one of the men there, and he’ll tell you that the Golden Vase was stoolen. Now, jump on top of that Spynx statue and onto that building roof. Pick up the phonograph. This is cool, because you can acctually listen to that sound.thats a pic of the vase.
  2. Skip to the China time perionde. Run to the end and pick up the Gunpowder. Jump up to the old man and play a simple memmory game. He’ll give you an ammulent.  Now, jump up and go left to find a man missing his bowl,
  3. Go to the Viking time. If you want, give back Thor’s Ammulet now, but I usually give back everything at the end. For now, jump to the top of the rocks and, using the Gunpowder, blow that rock into smitherines! Go inside, and work your way to the bottm. But be careful and  go fast, because you torch that you are using will go out fast, and when you get to the bottom, there’s water that puts out the light. When you get past this, you will get the Greek Vase
  4. Go to the time periode with the girl with the pink turban. Jump to the man that tells you he lost his salt rocks. Now, manuver around the snakes and poles and get to the building. Find a man who says that he found the Declaration of Independince! He’ll only give it to you if you piece together a picture. When you’ll done, he’ll exclaim that it’s a picture of Mansa-Musa. He’ll give you the Declaration happily.
  5. Go to the Aztec empire. Jump on the the big temple really fast, and the king will tell you that he is missing a piece of his Sunstone! Cattapuly yourself off this temple and onto the smaller one, where a man will give you his mask. Now talk to the gaurd with the goggles, who does not want to attack you anymore, and he will give you the goggles.
  6. Go to the time period with the man in the brown hat. It’s Lewis and Clark! They will tell you they are missing their Peace Medallion. Now jump onto the tree and grab the Chineese bowl.
  7. Go to the period with the man in the black hat. Watch out for porccuipines. If you go inside, you may give them the Declaration, or you can save it ’till the end. But you must jump on the building to get the salt rocks.
  8. Go to the time period with the cleanshavan man with brown hair. Go to the left, ride the bike, jump on the tree, and jump on the roof to access the Sunstone piece. If you go inside, you could give Eidison the phonograph, or wait.
  9. Go to the man with brown hair and the beard. Jump to the top of the Statue of Liberty and onto the building. Slowly keep jumping down until you get the journal. Now go in that one building, and the man will tell you he is missing his Model.
  10. Go to the man with the jacket. Climb up the mountain, watching out for fake snow. Go up, and you see two explorers. Give them the gogggles, and follow them up another mountain. At the top of it, pick up the Model.
  11. Go to the one with the man with a gray beard and hat, Run to your left and go to your left. Go up the waterfall. Go to your right, jump onto the second platform with the man. He’ll tell you there is an object hanging off the deck, but you can’t worry about that now. Jump on the first triangle, then second, then onto the Leo’s Workshop grounds. Go in, find Leo next to the Mona Lisa, and give him the journal. He will give you wings in return. Go back to the first plank with no man, and, wearing the wings, jump and grap the hanging Medallion.
  12. Give back all of the objects to their correct owners.
  13. Transport back to the lab, and go through the Machine again.

This is the new future. As you walk, a (rather rude) poptropican will tell you that you are looking youthful today. Well! So, using Air trans and flying platforms, you will find your older self’s home. Find them, and they will give you the Island Medallion and 50 credits. To get back to explore other islands, teleprt back to the lab.


*Written by Fearless Speck*


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