Wateves U Say…

-Written by Fearless Speck-

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“Cool Melon, are you ready? Sneaky Paw is waiting for you!” Cool Melon’s mom called from upstairs.

Cool Melon flipped her honey-colored hair over her shoulder as she neatly folded her clothes into her suitcase. “A few more minutes, Mom!” she replied.

Cool Melon was going on a trip Shark Tooth Island for a beach vacation with her bestie, Sneaky Paw, by themselves. She and  Sneaky Paw were in the popular clique at school, but Cool Melon was their leader. Sneaky Paw wasn’t even close to be as popular as her- Cool Melon’s name said it all- she was cool! She just hung out with   Sneaky Paw because everyone else was always busy. Cool Melon stuffed the rest of her clothes into her bag. “Coming!”

Cool Melon raced downstairs, straightening her green hat and black and white top. Sneaky Paw was already there. Her hair was a dark brown, and wavy-unlike Cool Melon’s, whose hair was streight. Sneaky Paw had a white jacket thrown over a hot-pink shirt with a music note on it, and a short-skirt with a belt. She was pretty, but Cool Melon was prettier.

“Hi!” Sneaky Paw said excitedly.” Ready to go?”

Cool Melon nodded, then turned to her mom.

Cool Melon,” her mom began, “Make sure you have your phone.”

Cool Melon showed her mom the phone.

“Good,” her mom said,” Now make sure to NEVER USE YOUR PHONE ON THE PLANE! If you do, there is a legend that the electricity in your phone will zap yourself, making you evil. Cool Melon, are you listening?!”

Cool Melon was texting on her phone. “Yeah, yeah, wateves u say…” she said, like she was texting somebody.

“Now get going!” her mom said, shoving her and Sneaky Paw out the door…

Much later, on the plane…

“Well that was… interesting.” Sneaky Paw said, in her seat next to Cool Melon. “I’ve never done that before!”

Cool Melon rolled her eyes.

“Please fasten your seat belts and turn off your cellular devices!” a voice said over the announcements as the plane took off.

After 5 minutes of nothing, Cool Melon got bored and took out her phone. Next to her, Sneaky Paw’s eyes widened.

“Cool Melon!” she hissed, whipping her head around, as if looking to see if anyone was spying on them.”The captain said to turn them off! And didn’t you hear what your mom said?! Now turn that thing off before you get in trouble! Do you have any idea what-”

“Will you LEAVE-” Cool Melon started to say, but then her phone started to steam. She tried to shake it off, but it was stuck to her.

“Get it off me!” she cried. Sneaky Paw just sat next to her, too shocked to do anything.

Cool Melon let out a strangled cry, as her phone started to move on it’s on. It looked at her, then, it started to type a message on her phone by itself. “wateves u say…” it said. The phone stood up and locked ‘eyes’ with her. Suddenly, Cool Melon gasped, and closed her eyes. Her phone jumped out the window.

Sneaky Paw shook her friend. “Cool Melon?” she said.

Cool Melon slowly opened one eye, and Sneaky Paw recoiled. Her eyes…

Were indigo.

Cool Melon shook her head back and laughed. “Oh, Sneaky Paw,” she said, her voice much more evil. “I’ve always hated you. So you’ll be the one who goes first!”

The window was still open when her phone had jumped out, and Cool Melon pushed her out. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!…” Sneaky Paw’s voice trailed off.

Cool Melon turned to about 153 frightened passengers. “Who’s next?” she demanded. All of the passengers scrambled to different directions. Cool Melon marched to the pilot, pushed him out of the way, and landed the plane on Ghost Story Island. She hopped out of the plane casually. The people in the Common Room, who had heard the story by now, all cowered with fear, except one brave teen. Her name was Super Heart. She had pinkish hair striped with black in the back. She wore a shirt with a pink heart with a black vest and short-skirt. Her personality was like her name- she was sweet and loved everybody. Super Heart sneaked a peak at Cool Melon. She realized at once what had happened- the same thing had happened to her sister. She could recognise that indigo-colored evil in her eye. Super Heart remembered her grandmother making a remedy that saved her. She remembered that the ingredient’s initials spelled: SWIM. She knew it was sugar, water, something, and milk. But what did the ‘I’ stand for?She thought long and hard, then remembered- icing. Yes, it was strange, but it worked. Super Heart ran to the Bakery and made it, while everyone else hid somewhere. She disappeared into the kitchen, finding some unusual things that should not be used in food (“What were ghost-detectors used for in a bakery?!” she thought) and reappeared with a black jug. She stepped out to Cool Melon, who was still terrorizing people.

“Cool Melon!” she called out bravely.

Cool Melon turned to her. “Who dares call out to me?!” she replied angrily.

“Drink this!” Super Heart tried to fool her. “It makes you stronger!”

Cool Melon cried, “Give me that!” and drank about half of it when she dropped to the ground, gasping. “Trickery…” she muttered.

Super Heart grinned, snatching away the jug. “Your welcome!” she replied cheerfully, and disappeared off into the woods.

Cool Melon gasped once more than closed her eyes. About 20 seconds later, she opened them, back to their normal color.

“Oh, no,” she mumbled. “What have I done?! Sneaky Paw?!”

“Here,” a voice on a stretcher weakly called out. Cool Melon raced twords her. “I… I didn’t… I-”

“It’s okay,” Sneaky Paw said. “I understand.” It turned out she had hung onto the plane when she fell, and never hit the ground, but she was still hurt badly.

“I’ll be a better friend,” Cool Melon promised, “And I’ll NEVER text on the plane again!”

Sneaky Paw looked up at her, and said three simple words. “Wateves u say…”

Avatar Links:

Cool Melon

Sneaky Paw

Super Heart

*Written by Fearless Speck*


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